Letters from Antipodes in Margaritaville

09 July 2010 | Marina Mazatlan
09 July 2010 | Marina Mazatlan
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It sure is lonely on dock 6

23 April 2010 | Mazatlan
mike - Sunny, slight wind to help cool things down and about 82
It's funny when you are out of sync with the rest of the cruising community down here. Did not get down here until March, sort of the end of the season. Everyone has been packing up to head back to the States or Canada or doing quick repairs and provisioning for the summer up in the Sea of Cortez. As each day passes there are fewer and fewer people here. Dock 6 now has only 2 or 3 boats with people on them the rest are vacant for the summer. Gus Gus up at the head of the dock will have music for a few weeks more than they will start shutting down for the summer. Chris should be here next Thursday and we are hoping the overheating problem is an easy fix so that maybe, just maybe, it will be our turn to go somewhere up into the Sea this summer. I am looking forward to her getting here for the first time in over a year. Going back to the States for a short visit never works out for us. We both have a hard time saying no when someone needs something. We've been talking alot about the boat just sitting here and not being used and are coming to the conclusion that if we do not start using it for what we intended we may just sell it and move on. Its not any good for either the boat or us to just have it sitting in a marina year after year and was not what we bought it for. My sailing fixes come through other peoples blogs and talking to the other cruisers when i am down here. She does not even get that much so we need to get moving. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can have a good summer sailing the boat with not too many problems. Well that's it for the whining for the day. These are the kind of posts you get when someone remembers that a week from this sunday they turn 60. Where in the hell did all the years go and what the hell happened to my body? Why has it turn on me.
Vessel Name: Antipodes
Vessel Make/Model: 1988 Wauquiez Centurion 47
Hailing Port: Reno, NV. USA
Crew: Mike & Chris Brown
Mike is a retired Reno Fire Dept Batt Chief and Chris is a retired State of NV computer programmer. Both retired in 2000 with short returns to gainful employment to replenish the boat fund. Both have been sailing for about 28 years. [...]
Extra: Antipodes was purchased from a French partnership in 1999. It is a step up from their previous sailboat a 16' hobie cat. Antipodes was sailed by one of the partners and his girlfriend from France through the Panama Canal to Tahiti. The boat was featured in a short film about the trip.

Who: Mike & Chris Brown
Port: Reno, NV. USA