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13 August 2023
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1650 miles to go

20 November 2009 | Somewhere WnW of Capverde Islands
1650 miles to go

We finally crossed the 'magic' 20 degree N latitude and are now officially in the trade wind zone. And guess what: the trade winds have started! They are still a bit weak ie around 3-4 Bft but they blow from ESE which is perfect. Also, the weather forecast looks reasonably good for the next few days. As a result, we increased our speed from 5 Kn motoring to about 6.5 Kn sailing. Trade winds are great as they are usually very stable and always more or less from the same direction. However we need to be super vigilant all the times, as some of the darker clouds (see picture above) contain heavy winds, hitting us out of nowhere, particularly at night.

We're currently about 600 Nm NW of Capverde Islands and 1650 Nm NE of Trinidad, all by ourselves in the middle of this gigantic ocean. Over the last 7 days, we saw only one boat from very far away. It was a cargo going to Ireland, of all the places. Apart from that, nothing, except for a few turtles, flying fish, the odd seagull and a blind passenger African cricket (which yesterday committed suicide by drowning).

The mood of the crew is good, daily routine has become routine and most of us are focusing on good books and getting a decent sun tan. The food is great, except that we ran out of fruits, veggies and fresh meat, but everything else is still in abundance - we even had a Dutch stampot the other night and a panettone for breakfast this morning. And we continue to catch doradas and bonitos every now and then.

The boat is in good shape, but as is apparently the case with most boats, there is always something to fix, repair or calibrate. For instance, this morning the auto pilot stopped working, than the electronic compass fell apart. Also we're still trying to work out where the small water leakages in both hulls come from.

Hasta mas tarde


PS: Peter hat sich gefreut, dass Beatrice den Blog Link gefunden hat, und laesst liebe Gruesse ausrichten...
Vessel Name: Libellule
Hailing Port: Switzerland
Crew: The Cottier family on s/v Libellule
Extra: Caribbean - Greenland/Iceland - NW Passage - South Pacific - Antarctic Peninsula - Svalbard- East Greenland
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