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Preparing for the traverse to Iceland

01 August 2011 | Nanortalik
Just arrived again in Nanortalik where we are preparing for the 7-day traverse to Iceland. Diesel, water, food, shopping, weather forecast, icemaps, immigration, internet. Feels like being in a huge town again.

Tomorrow morning, Marielle and the girls will fly from Nanortalik to Reykjavik. The new crew for the next 7 days: Yves, Sylvain, me, and Rob, who will join us tomorrow morning, just before departure.

The ice forecast is very bad. Rather than being able to cut across south Greenland through the fjords, we will have to circumvent Kap Farvel by a wide margin. Actually, we are not yet sure how we will even get out from the coast to the open sea, as they forecast a 4-6/10 icebelt around the area.

The weather forecast is also unfavorable, as we are in the center of a big, stationary high pressure system with winds blowing from NE for the next few days.

Vessel Name: Libellule
Hailing Port: Switzerland
Crew: The Cottier family on s/v Libellule
Extra: Caribbean - Greenland/Iceland - NW Passage - South Pacific - Antarctic Peninsula - Svalbard
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