22 August 2023 | Bodö
22 August 2023 | Reinebringen, Reine/Lofoten
18 August 2023 | Kvalrossbukta, Jan Mayen
15 August 2023 | Cape Greg, Liverpool Land coast
14 August 2023 | Marianer Fjord, Liverpool Land
13 August 2023
13 August 2023
12 August 2023 | Turner Inlet
07 August 2023 | Kangertivartikajik Fjord, Tasiilaq region
06 August 2023 | Tasiilaq
05 August 2023 | Qerqikajik bowl, Tasiilaq island
04 August 2023 | Qingertuaq/Tasiilaq Fjord
31 July 2023 | Kulusuk
30 July 2023 | Kulusuk
30 July 2023 | Denmark Strait
28 July 2023 | Hrafnsfjördur
24 July 2023 | Veidileysufjördur
16 July 2023 | Coast just outside of Seydisfjördur

Crew change

29 August 2013 | Dease Strait
Today, we had a big big crew change: Marielle, Naima, Line and Anissa flew off via Kugluktuk, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Montreal and Zurich to Shanghai, where the girls will join their new school.

The boat feels very empty without them. No one reading, drawing or giggling. No music from ipods, less stuff lying around, less movement. No more ginger tea and Bircher Muesli in the mornings and hot water bottles in the evenings. Only men left (Yves, Sylvain, myself). We are very sad that they're gone.

But we got two new crew members: My uncle Michael Dechamps from Munich, as well as Richard Tegner from Stockholm. Richard was initially on another boat doing the passage, the Swedish DAX, but due to engine failure they had to give up in Pond Inlet, and Richard continued for a while on expedition cruise ship Akademik Ioffe before joining Libellule in Cambridge. Arte is filming a 10-hour documentary on the Polar Sea, part of which consists of filming Richard's progress - and they actually did a film session with us today.

And then there was a lot happening in Cambridge in general today: There were 5 sailboats (east to west) and 3 sailboats (west to east) on the dock. Then cruise ship Hanseatic arrived. And then 1 rowing boat and 2 kayakers arrived (west to east). Everyone at the same time, timed by the recent ice opening. Annual rush hour in Cambridge Bay!

We left Cambridge Bay again in the evening, as we want to get as quickly west as possible, that is before the sea ice around Barrow will close again with new ice. First leg: Cambridge Bay-Tuktoyaktuk 700 nm (appr 5 days). The tricky part will be Cape Bathurst, where there still is 2/10 to 5/10 ice...

Vessel Name: Libellule
Hailing Port: Switzerland
Crew: The Cottier family on s/v Libellule
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