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First pack ice

13 January 2015 | E of Levoisier Island
We have started sailing south towards the polar circle. Our first intent was to go all the way to Detaille Island to do some climbing on Liard Island, but the latest ice charts show too much ice. So we changed our plans and will try to anchor at Cape Evans or Mutton Cove awaiting the easterly winds announced by the weather forecast. We hope to find some landing spots further south in Darbel Bay to climb some virgin mountains there.

In case this should again not be possible due to ice or lack of suitable landing spots, we will either go further south to Rambler Islands or retreat back up further north to Pitt Islands or Lippmann Island to try some climbs around Leroux Bay. This whole coast is all very remote territory with very few landing spots, and we need to fully adapt to local ice and weather conditions.

Today it is snowing big snowflakes and our catamaran has become quite slippery. We are now on our 13th day of bad weather in a row, with only very few and short patches of sun rays, and are looking forward to the improved weather awaited in two days, once the easterly winds decrease and turn.
Vessel Name: Libellule
Hailing Port: Switzerland
Crew: The Cottier family on s/v Libellule
Extra: Caribbean - Greenland/Iceland - NW Passage - South Pacific - Antarctic Peninsula - Svalbard
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