29 January 2010
What a day! So much happened I don't know where to start. However, if i don't start somewhere, tomorrow is another day, and if its anything like today, there won't be time to remember it all. So in summary, here is what happened today:

* We have 2,000 lb of clothes on the dock that needs to be sorted into black plastic bags. To give you an idea how much 2,000 lbs is, consider two 5'x 5'x5' tightly bound bales of clothes. When you cut the wires, these things explode. We have crew members and the kids assigned to the sorting, but pressing tasks keep pulling the crew away. Luke and Ruth end up carrying the burden to sort the clothes. Then an amazing thing happens, pedestrians walking by, start helping out. The kids show them what to do, and soon there is a small crowd of locals and holiday makers, sorting clothes on the dock. When then get tired they move on. All done. Thanks you anonymous helpers.

* Florida Yacht Brokers and Tohatsu North America donated a new outboard motor, and had it air freighted to Miami Beach Marina in 2 days. It arrived this morning, much to the delight on the schooner Liberty crew.

* We hear from reports on the ground, that the orphanage in Leogane needs a 5KW diesel generator. We have a representative from SGI (Strategic Global Initiatives - sailing with us, tasked with getting supplies from our drop-off point to Leogane. He has some cash, but not enough to buy a diesel genset. He decides to settle for gas/petrol powered genset from Home Depot. On the way there, a call comes in to collect a donated 5KW diesel genset. Needless to say, that cash went into other much needed supplies.

* A young lady, comes up to the boat, and asks how she can help. We are pretty max-ed out on the boat, and we don't have crew members hanging around who can babysit yet another walk up volunteer. I get the ships cook to show her our shopping list for our provisions. She takes a few pictures of the list with her iPhone, and then disappears. She returns later in the day, with her car trunk full of groceries. $474 worth! paid for out of her own pocket. Awesome.

Keep posted for what will happen tomorrow.
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