Haiti Relief Voyage - #2

16 March 2010
Dear friends of the Schooner Liberty.

We are in the last stages of planning our second relief voyage to Haiti. The first voyage was a resounding success, our small contribution to the people of Haiti has made a difference. We impacted children and families, the sick and injured, orphans and relief workers on our last trip, and we intend doing so again. A clinic we brought supplies for, closed the day before we got there, after they ran out of life-giving medicines. Our small load, enabled them to re-open and continue to serve the community.

We can't help everybody, but we have helped a few.

This trip we are sailing to assist the UHAS (the United Haitian American Society - http://www.uhasociety.org), with medical supplies from One World Medical in Chicago. These medical supplies, valued at ten of thousands of dollars, are critical for UHAS to accomplish their mission in Haiti. UHAS Executive Director, Gerry Azor has recently said about the St Croix Hospital in Leogane.

"One such program in Leogane is at the St. Croix Hospital campus. St. Croix Hospital is owned and managed by the Episcopal Church. However, it has been closed for a few years. Following the Earthquake, a clinic was opened and currently it is being run in the Chapel building because the other buildings are not structurally safe. Dr. Gladys Memnon is the Director of the Clinic at St. Croix and we will be sending volunteers to Leogane to help in the medical relief effort. As you may be aware, UHAS has decided to help rebuild Leogane and partnering with the this clinical program will surely complement our position that medical care is foremost on our agenda".

Once again, the schooner Liberty, is planning to deliver 10,000 lbs of essential medical supplies to Haiti. The unique capabilities of the schooner allow it to deliver supplies directly to UHAS, avoiding the delays and red tape associated with getting supplies through Port-au-Prince. To cover expenses, for fuel, insurance etc, we need your help.

We have made it easy for you to participate in a tangible way to the success of this voyage. You can donate in 2 different ways.

1. Right now by Paypal (http://www.paypal.com) you can make a small donation directly to "Enough For Haiti" by clicking HERE, or go to Paypal and use email address: LIBERTY.SCHOONER@GMAIL.COM. A $5, $10, $20 or $50 donation will go directly towards funding this voyage.

2. For larger donations, or if you want to make it IRS tax deductible, you can donate directly on the UHAS website (http://www.uhasociety.org). Make sure you designate it to "Schooner Liberty".

This is your opportunity to change lives in Haiti. Much has been said about wasted resources, many people are tired of hearing about Haiti, but don't let that diminish in your mind the scale of the human suffering there. Now is a good time to be grateful for what we have in the USA, and make a contribution that you know will go directly into the hands of needy people. Donate now, and forward this email to your friends and family.

On behalf of the crew of the schooner Liberty, we thank you.

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