Thanks to the Owners of the Schooner Halie & Matthew

25 March 2010
This morning we received confirmation from the owners of the schooner Halie & Matthew, that we can charter her for our second relief voyage to Haiti.

The volume of supplies had become so overwhelming, that we approached the owners of the schooner Halie & Matthew because we needed a larger vessel. We had over 40,000 lbs of relief supplies that needed to get to Haiti, and Liberty could only take a quarter of that. Four trips on Liberty would mean four times the expense, and time is running out. Hurricane season is coming soon.

With the schooner Halie & Matthew waiting to sail north to start her season in Maine, she is ideally positioned to be used as a relief vessel to Haiti, and then our crew will deliver her to Maine.

She is a beautiful, newly constructed schooner, capable of taking 100 passengers on deck during a daysail, and 30 for overnight trips. On behalf of the crew of the schooner Liberty, we want to say thank you very much for allowing us the use of your vessel for such a worthy cause. We look forward to working with you more in the future. Visit their website here to learn more.

Sail Area 4,600 sq. ft.
LOD 90' 2"
Beam 24' 4"
LWL 74'
Fuel 2 tanks - 1200 G
Draft 12'
Water 2 tanks - 2000 G
Power 300 HP Diesel
Disp 266,875 lbs.
Ballast 106,750 lbs.
Vessel Name: Liberty Schooner
Vessel Make/Model: 78' Steel Schooner
Hailing Port: New York
About: Philip and Sharon are committed to life transformation. Our vision for the Liberty Schooner is to create a unique learning environment as a catalyst for a life transforming experience. We want people to develop to their full potential.
Extra: Our Leadership Coaching and Sail Training programs realize positive life change for leaders and teams in such a way that they increase their effectiveness and influence in every area of their lives, in the office and at home.
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