Awesome Reception in Port Everglades

15 May 2010
When the Halie and Matthew came into Port Everglades, the response from local organizations has been tremendous. This is a short summary of the overwhelming generosity we received, and a huge THANK YOU from the crew of the Halie and Matthew.

Finding a dock space for a 118' LOA 13' draft vessel wasn't easy, Both Lauderdale Yacht Club and Lauderdale Marine Center did offer free dockage but they don't have 13' depth. The Seafarers House came through is a big way, as did many other wonderful donor's.

The following was arranged by Captain Joei, a Volunteer of "Diakonos International" who has the newest Orphanage, still in dire need today and housing 39 Godchildren, at the epicenter in Haiti. . . and "Shake a Leg Miami"'s John Muir who had the very first Genius Idea to send used sails to Haiti the day after the Catastrophe. "Seafarers House" did the very most financially

* Dockage n/c (Port Everglades Seafarers house)
* 24 hr. Vessel Security (Mc Roberts Port Marine Security)
* Showers, Water n/c (Mc Allister tugs)
* Potatoes/onions/heat and eat meals n/c (Big Mama's "Team of Life")
Meds/bagels/coffee/drinking water, puppy food, Rides n/c (us)....
* Bow Rigging large hardened 10" Bolts n/c (Nance and Underwood Riggers...Roger Underwood)
* 500 gallons fuel (an angel?)
* Seafarers house even had line handlers to help, Customs and Border Patrol ready, a free Crew van service and a little store and Chapel in the port :)

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