Why Knot Dinner?

01 January 2009 | Liberty Schooner Galley
2009 is shaping up to be a fantastic year, and we can't wait until the weather warms up, so.... in the meantime, you are invited to enjoy something special we have prepared for those cold, gray winter days.

Something that will keep your mind on sailing and building friendships.

Why Knot Dinner ? Dinner aboard the Liberty Schooner every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm, with a Marlinspike knot tying course thrown in for fun.

Here is the schedule:

Enjoy the hospitality we are famous for. Come as a stranger, leave as a friend. Dinner served in the ship's galley at 6 p.m.

Course Outline

Week I

* Knot just words.
* Getting the Bends.
* Whipped?

Week II

* Knot just words.
* Tied up - Knots.
* Hitched up - Hitches.

Week III

* Knot just words.
* I splice with my little eye.

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