City Sail Kids Aboard.

08 March 2009 | Jersey City
Spring is in the air, and we are looking forward to the coming season. Much work has been done. Captain Bill has completed all the winter projects ahead of schedule. He has stripped the spars and re-varnished them, serviced all the blocks and got them ready for the re-rigging of the Liberty Schooner. The pin rails are shiny and the deck is full of spots where we have prepared it for a new coat of paint. Its going the extra mile that Bill so often does that makes him the best schooner captain on the East Coast! Thanks Bill!

In the mean time, in Jersey City we continue to spread the word of the Liberty Schooner, where everybody is welcome, nobody is perfect, and anything is possible! This is especially true for a group of kids we had on board yesterday from City Sail learning how to become valuable crew members for the summer. This was their second time aboard for a Marlinspike knot tying course, and they are getting good.

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City Sail

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The picture is from the City Sail website.
Vessel Name: Liberty Schooner
Vessel Make/Model: 78' Steel Schooner
Hailing Port: New York
About: Philip and Sharon are committed to life transformation. Our vision for the Liberty Schooner is to create a unique learning environment as a catalyst for a life transforming experience. We want people to develop to their full potential.
Extra: Our Leadership Coaching and Sail Training programs realize positive life change for leaders and teams in such a way that they increase their effectiveness and influence in every area of their lives, in the office and at home.
Home Page:

Leadership Development &Team Building aboard the schooner Liberty

Port: New York