Decks scrubbed and what are the Neighbors up to?

11 March 2009 | Jersey City
I couldn't take it anymore. The grime on the decks just had to go. During the summer, we wash our decks every day, and on some days more than once, but then we are spoiled, the dock has water. At the moment the water to the docks is still shut off, so most boats look like they could use a good wash. Well, I couldn't take it anymore, and joined 5 hoses together to get some running water so I could wash the decks. So glad I did. Liberty is looking good!!!

While out and about, we popped in on our neighbors, Dave and George. They were glassing in a water tank in George's boat, but check out the cool hats they were wearing. Plastic bags with blue tape keeping in on. It was a hilarious sight!

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