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20 August 2009
Hello this is Derrik again. Yesterday was so fun. First we woke up and ate good breakfast. Then we started to wash the deck. The deck was clean. Then we were finished and then we started varnishing wood. Kevin had to sand the wood. Josh had to clean the wood and Mike and I had to paint the wood. After the varnishing was over we had a water fight. I had a hose, Josh had a hose and Kevin was getting squirt. Then Mike asked Josh to dump a bucket over his head with water. Josh did it and he left the bucket on top of his head. Then all I see is Mike fall in the Hudson River. All I could do is laugh and say EWW you fell in the Hudson River. Then after that we stopped the water fight. Then we took a ride on the dinghy. It was me, Mike, Josh, Phil, and Kevin. Then Mike and I dropped them off. Then we went out. Then Mike dropped me off and then he went out by himself. Then he came and we switched and then I went by myself. After that we took a look at the next our neighbor's boats. There boats are so nice. Then we took showers with buckets and a bar of soap. Then we went to bed. Kevin, Mike, and I were lying down. Then it started thundering and we saw lighting. Then Phil opened our hatch and said all hands on deck. Then when we heard that we knew it was serious. We go on the deck and it felt like golf balls were coming down from the sky at lighting speed. When the rain hit me it was hurting it stung. Then we had to lift the green tarp before the rain ripped it. So we did that for like 10 minutes. Then Phil said we can go back to bed. So we did and then I went to sleep. That was my exciting day yesterday. I'm having so fun and I'm not ready to go back home.
Vessel Name: Liberty Schooner
Vessel Make/Model: 78' Steel Schooner
Hailing Port: New York
About: Philip and Sharon are committed to life transformation. Our vision for the Liberty Schooner is to create a unique learning environment as a catalyst for a life transforming experience. We want people to develop to their full potential.
Extra: Our Leadership Coaching and Sail Training programs realize positive life change for leaders and teams in such a way that they increase their effectiveness and influence in every area of their lives, in the office and at home.
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Port: New York