Cruising aboard the trawler and meandering south. Hope to see you out there.

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Nick's Visit

01 January 2019
When he wasn't fishing he was reading about fishing.

The holidays flew by. We had a nice 2 week visit with Nicholas even though the weather wasn't so great. We haven't had much rain since we arrived here so we were hoping for a nice shower to wash all the dirt off the boat. We finally had a front that brought lots of wind and heavy rain on the Thursday before Christmas. Of course Nick arrived that night in the middle of a storm. David had to go out to pick him up at the dock in heavy rain and 25+ knots of wind. The next day we had 30 to 40 knots with higher gusts all day. There are lots of boats at anchor now because all of the moorings are full. Several boats dragged during the wind and ran into other boats. Luckily we were safe on our mooring.

The wind died somewhat after a few days and Nick did get to fish some but mostly in the mangrove creeks. He did go out onto the gulf side a couple of times because the wind was mostly out of the east and the Atlantic side was rough. He caught mostly small mangrove snappers.

We took advantage of having his car and took a couple of road trips. One day we went to Key Largo to the dive shop, used boat gear store and Fishing store. Another day we went to Big Pine Key to the flea market and then to Winn Dixie to load up the trunk with groceries. It was nice to be able to stock up on heavy items and not have to carry them back on the bike.

I cooked a complete turkey dinner for Christmas and we ate out at a couple of local restaurants while he was here. Even though it was windy, the weather was warm and sunny (except for the arrival day) and we had a good visit. Better than being back home in LA where they had rain for the whole 2 weeks.

Vessel Name: Lilliputian
Vessel Make/Model: 49 Marine Trader Custom Pilothouse
Hailing Port: Louisiana
Crew: David, Deb, and Nicholas (sometimes when he wants to fish or dive...LoL)
About: David and Deb purchased their first boat together before they were even married! Thirty plus years and son Nicholas later and they are still at it! Having just switched from a Gulfstar 50 Ketch that was home for 22 years to a trawler is the focus of this new adventure.
Extra: Totally Retired!!! Now just hanging out on the boat and going back and forth to the Bahamas.. Say hello if you see us!
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The Lilliputians

Who: David, Deb, and Nicholas (sometimes when he wants to fish or dive...LoL)
Port: Louisiana