Cruising aboard the trawler and meandering south. Hope to see you out there.

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Time to Head South

31 October 2019
Summer is over and its time to head south again. Thought it was time to update the blog. We stayed busy and the summer flew by. We spent the first part of the summer finishing Nick's house. After that we started on boat projects.

Our biggest project was reworking the dinghy. David wanted to buy a new one but I talked him into trying to get a little more time out of it so we cleaned and repaired it as best we could.
We hauled the boat and did a quick bottom job. Out on Thursday and back in on Monday.

We also did some work on our house including replacing a couple of windows.

We did find some time to spend with family and friends. Had several good outings with them. Had a last family lunch last week with the family and thought we were ready to go but the weather had other ideas.

We escaped hurricane season with only one storm, Tropical Storm Barry, which was a nonevent The cold fronts have started coming through which usually indicates the storms are over and we can start south.
This past Saturday we had another tropical storm in the gulf. It was supposed to be another nonevent with winds predicted to be 20-25 with 2-4 inches of rain. Instead we were jolted out of bed at 4 am with winds of around 75mph and 7+ inches of rain. The storm collided with a cold front directly over us and became stronger than predicted. The boat did fine but we had some roof damage at our house and lots of limbs down in the yard. Another thing added to our list of things we had to get done before we could leave.

Now the weather is cold (35 degrees tonight) with strong north winds. We are ready to go and are just waiting for the gulf to calm down. Ready to be somewhere warm.
Vessel Name: Lilliputian
Vessel Make/Model: 49 Marine Trader Custom Pilothouse
Hailing Port: Louisiana
Crew: David, Deb, and Nicholas
About: David and Deb purchased their first boat together before they were even married! Thirty plus years and son Nicholas later and they are still at it! Having just switched from a Gulfstar 50 Ketch that was home for 22 years to a trawler is the focus of this new adventure.
Extra: Well....Not much going on now. Back at work and getting ready to fully RETIRE !! Which means, Deb is about to QUIT her J.O.B. Nick is in college...(one semester is one YEAR of fuel for you folks saying we are crazy to get a trawler. :] ) Check back, we may be out somewhere.!!
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The Lilliputians

Who: David, Deb, and Nicholas
Port: Louisiana