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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

14 October 2019 | Capital Yacht Club
13 October 2019 | Alexandria City Marina
11 October 2019 | National Harbor
10 October 2019 | Smallwood State Park, Sweden, MD.
08 October 2019 | Boathouse Marina, Colonial Beach, VA
06 October 2019 | Boathouse Marina
06 October 2019 | Canoe Neck Creek
05 October 2019 | Boathouse Marina Colonial Beach
03 October 2019 | Boathouse Marina, Colonial Beach, VA
03 October 2019 | Coles Point Marina, VA
02 October 2019 | FAIRPORT MARINA
02 January 2019 | HORN HARBOR MARINA
30 April 2018 | Home
29 April 2018 | Horn Harbor Marina
28 April 2018 | Ocean Marine Yachting Center
26 April 2018 | Coinjock Marina
26 April 2018 | Alligator Marina
26 April 2018 | Belhaven Marina
24 April 2018 | Belhaven Marina
23 April 2018 | Oriental marina

Day 13 - Sunday, October 13, 2019

14 October 2019 | Capital Yacht Club
Brooke Smith
Passage - Alexandria to Capital Yacht Club, Washington, DC
12:13 PM Underway
1:57 PM Docked Port Side Tie Slip A-3
6 miles

Another short run day. And, at a very leisurely pace as we had lots to see on both sides of the river. We also got closer to Reagan Airport and watched the planes coming in. It’s all a very different perspective from the water.

Well, Sunday morning before we left wasn’t so fortunate for Liquid Therapy as a passing large yacht sent a large wake into the marina upsetting everyone. I tie Liquid Therapy with forward and aft spring lines so the boats fenders can be strategically placed. Due to the unusually high tides we have been experiencing I placed two fenders at each piling. We were about 1 hours after high tide and the dock was no longer under water. The wake first sent L.T a bit lower in the water then higher above and over the top of the piling. We heard the loud crunch as L.T. fell onto the piling breaking the teak toe rail and some of the fiberglass of the hull. The boat was thrown so violently over that the TV crashed and was broken. It took us several minutes to get our whits about us. I switched on the AIS system and found the name of the offending vessel. I called the yacht and he admitted to the damage and assumed all responsibilities. He was very professional and apologetic. Still it hurt to see our boat get hurt.

The wharf area of DC has all kinds of restaurants and lots of people enjoying the waterfront. We had an easy helpful docking at Capital Yacht Club (CYC) and went to the club to meet some of the members. Everyone was friendly and welcomed us. The CYC has a very nice, new club house, which will be serving dinner tonight.

We got dinner suggestions and decided on Mi Vida, for a bit of Mexican food. It was wonderful!
We also had a view of two mega yachts, Scout and Bella Vida, docked and HIGHLY illuminated. A truly beautiful sight! Scout was scheduled to leave the dock and arrive at the Woodrow Wilson bridge ( I-95/I-495 ) for a night opening as traffic is too busy to open the bridge during the day.

Today’s picture ( last night ) is the 257 foot yacht, Bella Vida.

Day 11&12 - Friday&Saturday, October 11&12, 2019

13 October 2019 | Alexandria City Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage - National Harbor Marina - Alexandria
9:03 AM Underway
12:33 PM Docked Port Side Tie Slip A-19
2.7 miles

Short ride yesterday from the National Harbor to Alexandria City Marina. We lucked in on the only T- Head dock the marina has. We were luckier than we thought when the high tide arrived and all the finger piers on regular slips went under water. The main dock just stayed barely above the rising tide. I asked the dock master if this happens often. Only when they drain the swamp 5 miles further upstream. HA! The city docks are fixed and there is a storm pushing water up the Chesapeake and the rivers too. I had gotten a weather warning alarm on my radio yesterday for flooding forecast in Annapolis. I had no idea the extra high tide would make it up to Alexandria. We are almost up to the fall line of the Potomac about 10 miles further up river. The city dock is really close to everything in Old Town Alexandria.

My friends Chris and Gina live in Dumfries, VA and drove up to have dinner last night. It was really good to see these two in person and catch up. We walked down King St. to Landini Brothers, a really good Italian restaurant. We waited outside on the street and listened to a very talented Vibraphone musician playing. We always find music everywhere we go and there were lots of sounds coming out of restaurants and on the streets as well. Old Town is a pretty happening place on Friday night. We all walked back and continued our catching up talking until after midnight.

Wow were we surprised that this morning, Saturday, high tide had come over the main dock a little after 8AM. There was lots of debris all over the dock. The tide retreated it seemed much faster than it came in. We went ashore for lunch and to look around some. The sidewalks were crowded. I guess they are Christmas shopping. And, actually we bought some Christmas items. All the restaurants were busy. We walked about half a mile to a nice Greek restaurant. Cretekou Taverna. We had a wonderful sampler plate and soups. We made it back to the boat before the next hight tide. We watched the tide cover the dock. Then from the flybridge we watch the planes land and tour boats taking people about, wedding photoshoots and lots of people watching.
Today's picture is our dock about 1 1/2hours before high tide..

Day 10 - Thursday, October 10, 2019

11 October 2019 | National Harbor
Passage - Smallwood State Park - National Harbor Marina
9:03 AM Underway
12:33 PM Docked Port Side Tie Slip A-19
24 miles

Well the wind was still blowing us away from the dock this morning when we left. It was easy getting away from the dock. HA.

The Potomac has a lot less marine traffic than I would have thought. I guess the real port is a bit further north. Baltimore is a real port. But the Potomac doesn't go there. So, the Potomac has no commercial traffic. We thought maybe we would see more military craft. But the military seems to be helicopters near DC. We rode by Fort Washington ( https://www.nps.gov/fowa/index.htm ) on the Maryland side and Mt. Vernon ( https://www.mountvernon.org ), George Washingtons' home on the Virginia side.

We haven't seen any swamp water in the Potomac. So, I don't think the swamp has been drained. Actually the water is fresh up here and looks to be in pretty good condition as I've heard 1/3 of all the Potomac water flowing through DC goes into the water treatment plant, then the waste water treatment plant and then back into the Potomac.

We had an easy docking at the National Harbor Marina with assistance from the marina crew. We got our port side tie as we like. The National Harbor is like a small town. Kind of reminds of Short Pump Town Center with a mixture of condos overtop stores and restaurants. We get quick showers and headed to town to eat. We selected Granite City Food and Brewery for lunch. I got a bison burger and Susan a thin crust personal pizza. Both were good. We also found a boutique grocery and got some much needed lettuce and headed back to the boat as we had been hot and left with shorts on. But it was already getting chilly. I love October weather.
We went back ashore visited several shops and then ate a small appetizer and had a happy hour drink. We were still both full from the late lunch.

Now it was dusk and a great time to ride the Capital Wheel ( https://www.nationalharbor.com/play/the-capital-wheel/ ) . 180' tall view of the Potomac and National Harbor. The ride and view were great.

Today's picture is a picture from the Capital Wheel. Liquid Therapy is the 4th boat from the end on the back row..

Day 9 Wednesday, October 9, 2019

10 October 2019 | Smallwood State Park, Sweden, MD.
Passage - Boathouse Marina - Smallwood State Park, Sweden, MD
8:36 AM Underway
2:42 PM Docked Breakwater Starboard side to
45 miles

Oh wow, this morning we thought about how long we've owned Liquid Therapy. It was ten years on October 8, 2009, that we bought her. Liquid Therapy has been very good to us taking us to the Bahamas twice and the Florida keys three times. We have lived on Liquid Therapy for 6 months three different times. And, When we got home after those voyages we weren't saying "thank goodness that is over."

Our ride up from Colonial Beach was sweet. We rode the tide the entire 45 miles making 7.2-7.5 knots. We usually go 6.5knots. The Smallwood State Park Marina is kind of a strange marina with no one there. Parks and recreation was who I made reservations with and there would be no one to help us tie up. We could not find the slip they assigned us for a while. When we found the slip it was not wide enough for our beam. We tied to the breakwater at a spare spot and called Parks & Recreation to let them know. The 5-10 NE wind was blowing us away from the floating dock. We have been joking when the wind forecast is 5-10 MPH it really is 5+10 MPH= 15MPH. Floating docks have cleats that are several feet below our deck height. These docks also had large diameter pilings that were on the same side of the dock but were offset from the dock with some supports, giving us two more obstacles in docking. Without any assistance on the dock, it's hard to drop a line around a cleat on the dock from the boat fighting the wind. I tried several times to maneuver the port side to this dock. Susan tried using the boat hook pole to put the line around the cleat. She tried unlucky throws of the lines. The wind kept blowing the bow away from the dock before we could get any line on any cleat on the dock. I knew it would be easier to dock starboard side to the dock with the bow more into the wind. We tried a few more times and I said to Susan to switch sides. Susan looped the starboard spring line on a dock cleat first try but the wind blew it tight before she could secure it to L.T.'s spring cleat. Hey we aren't as strong or quick as we used to be. I left the helm and pulled a little slack out of the line and secured it to our cleat. Now the wind was blowing us along the entire starboard side. I could go forward on the spring line and the boat would get closer to the dock. Susan lucked a stern line around the dock cleat and I got a bow line around only one horn of the forward dock cleat. I shook the line telegraphing a loop down the line and it went around the other horn of the cleat. Susan said now I was showing off. It was luck, but looked pretty cool anyway. So, now we had the three lines needed to adjust L.T. between the two pilings. We seem to only have a couple feet from the bow or stern from hitting the pilings leaving me to believe these pilings are 40' apart and L.T. is 36' long.

We celebrated and went ashore for a walk about the nice park. There was no one in sight. We guessed this place was really busy in the summer. It is a very large facility, with nice bathrooms and a "closed for the season" general store.
We had a nice dinner aboard and we are finally close enough to DC for TV reception. We watched all the Chicago shows. Chicago Medical, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD shows.

Today's picture is Liquid Therapy tied to the dock. You can tell there wasn't much room between those poles..

Day 7 Monday, Day 8, October 7, 2019

08 October 2019 | Boathouse Marina, Colonial Beach, VA
Day 7 Monday, October 7, 2019
Passage - Boathouse Marina - Dockside Tiki Bar and back, Colonial Beach
5:44 PM Underway
5:54 PM Docked port side to A Dock Dockside Tiki Bar
0.85 miles
8:43 PM Underway
8:53 PM Docked Port side to Dock A Boathouse Marina

Yesterday we Decided it was too far to walk to eat at Dockside TIKI bar. And, we don’t need much of an excuse to use the boat. Marta and Amalio rode with us.
We docked at Colonial Beach Yacht center and had assistance from the boaters coming out to see who was coming in. Boaters are a helpful fun bunch. After getting tied up we visited a custom steel boat 60+ feet. It was built by one guy in Florida and is set up for transoceanic travel. It had two of the same brand engines that Liquid Therapy has one, Ford Lehman. His engines only had 800 hours on them. We have 5700 hours on our engine. No one really knows how long they last. Some say 20,000 hours.
We have a delightful meal and conversation with our Spanish friends. It’s always fun laughing a miscommunications between two languages. Amalio is from Mexico / Spain and Marta is from Argentina and they have different idioms too. I know just a few items in Spanish. So, we had lots of laughs. Nice meal and short run in the dark back to Boathouse Marina. Goodnight to Marta and Amalio. We really enjoyed their company.

Where to go tomorrow? Funny on the chart we see California and Sweden. Both are towns in Maryland. But still your mind is amused. We find that the iffy front is stalling and we are not going anywhere tomorrow. 18-35 knot winds out of the NE & rain says we are sleeping in and staying put doing chores and laundry. Liquid Therapy has a washing machine! So, we don’t have to slug clothes to the shoreside laundry.

Day 8 Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Staying put at Boathouse Marina I have discovered the refrigerator coils are filthy with dust and teak sanding shavings. Humm. That certainly makes the refrigerator run longer and could be part of our short battery life at anchor. We also defrosted the refrigerator. Tomorrow looks like we might move on up the Potomac to Sweden. We will see what the weather actually looks like in the morning. The forecasts have been very confusing.

Today’s picture is the Miss Ann in disrepair. We rode on one of the last cruises on the Miss Ann at the Tides Inn in Irvington, VA a few years back. It’s very sad to see the yacht in the bad shape she is in.

Day 6 Tuesday, October 6, 2019

06 October 2019 | Boathouse Marina
Passage - Canoe Neck Creek Anchorage - Boathouse Marina, Colonial Beach
11:54 AM Underway
2:18 PM Docked port side to A Dock
16 miles

We had a rough ride back to Colonial Beach. Just a bad angle for quite sometime. We decided to come back to this nice marina and do some maintenance. My horn isn’t working. I don’t usually use sound signals. But today it didn’t make a sound. I kind of want a new horn anyhow. I’d like one that sounds like a train.

Anchoring out last night our battery house bank ran down faster than it should have. The 4 golf cart batteries are 4 years old and should still be fine. But maybe not. I’ve taken good care of them. But still they are 4 years old. They've been to the Bahamas and back and lots of other cruising. Also we are energy hogs and have lots of those chargers everywhere. And, you know most things these days aren’t really off ever. They are in some standby mode until you push a remote or a touchpad. I unplugged all of those things and still I could see the house bank dropping. Yes, I have an inverter, and it uses some energy when converting 12VDC to 120VAC. It’s pretty efficient and I’ve had it for about 9 years and it has never pulled the batteries downline they dropped last night. I started my little Honda while we fixed dinner and used the heavy load of the microwave. The inverter is also a really good battery charger and properly bulk charged the house bank and then fell back to 13.2V float. I shut the Honda down a while before bed. This morning the Batteries were at about 12V. I tried to make coffee with the Mr. Coffee and the voltage dropped to 11.2V. So, I cranked up the Honda to make coffee. Shaking my head as I write that factoid. Also our 90 amp alternator was cranking out 60 amps the 2 1/2 hour trip back to the marina. The alternator usually puts out about 15-20 amps when we are cruising. Ha, maybe the horn is defectively pulling the batteries down. Anyhow, that’s putting a cramp in our anchoring out and I’ll be crawling all through the battery & electrical parts of Liquid Therapy tomorrow.

Rain is in the forecast and the temperatures are starting to feel like fall. This afternoon we put most of the flybridge enclosure on for rain and chill protection. I still did not put the door panels on as that can really make it hot if the temperatures go back up.

Thanks to Donna Guzman I really have realized my engine hour meter is really off. The other day I used my watch and got 3.6 hours . The engine hour meter recorded 4.2 hours. Must be set on Mars time or something. Or it’s just 40 years old and getting a bit off. I’ll order another one when I get back home. Wonder if it’s been off the entire time I’ve owned the boat? I’ve guessed it was my fault a few times for sloppy log keeping.

Today’s picture is the boat parade for the Blessing Of The Fleet. The sailing ship ahead of me and Liquid Therapy by accident. I didn’t realize what was going on until I saw the shore parade of firetrucks and the lonely sailing ship that I was following through the channel. All the workboats and Buy Boats left! I’m not sure what boats got blessed at the noon ceremony as the weather got a bit windy and no one showed up.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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