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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

22 October 2020 | Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina
21 October 2020 | Ocean Yacht Marina, Portsmouth, VA
20 October 2020 | Coinjock Marina
19 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
18 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
17 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
16 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina, Manteo, NC
14 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina, Ocracoke, NC. USA. Planet Earth, Galaxie - Milky Way
13 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina
13 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina, Silver Lake, Ocracoke, NC. USA, Planet Earth, Galaxie Milky Way
11 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina, Ocracoke, NC
10 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina, Ocracoke, NC
09 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina
08 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina, Ocracoke
07 October 2020 | Anchorage Inn Marina
06 October 2020 | National Parks Dock, Ocracoke, NC
05 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront marina
03 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
02 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
01 October 2020 | North River, NC Anchorage

DAY 30, 2020 Fall Cruise

22 October 2020 | Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina
BROOKE SMITH | Calm and sunny
Thursday, October 22, 2020
Ocean Yacht Marina - Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina, Port Haywood, VA
41 Miles

We have a great forecast for the Chesapeake Bay, south wind 5 knots and mostly sunny skies. Nice day to head back to our home marina.

Underway we are back out into the Elizabeth River bustling with tugs pushing barges, the Navy making sure we don’t get too close to any Warships. The radio is as busy and I can hardly get my agreement communications with tugs I am meeting. Norfolk and Portsmouth are the busiest places we go by water. Much busier than Miami which can be trying at times too. But there are so many ships being loaded unloaded, barges going here and there, military planes and helicopters. The radio is busy and the sounds from everywhere are loud.

And then there is this, we are headed north meeting all the cruisers heading south. Lots of them today, sail and power, big, smaller, newer and older. All headed to the warmer waters of Florida and the Bahamas. No one called me on the radio asking me had my compass gone bad. We were the only trawler headed north. Susan and I are a little sad we aren’t in the parade south. But we just don’t feel like doing that with the uncertainty of the Covid thing. It has taken lots of the fun out of cruising unless you want to be a hermit boater. Lots of the cruising fun is the impromptu meeting of other boaters. Showing them your boat, seeing their boat, sharing stories and pot luck dinners. Those things can only be done with uncertainty of getting sick. This morning we had a delivery captain that wanted to take pictures of our boat for a friend that had just bought a one year newer Albin like Liquid Therapy. He stuck his phone through the door. We invited him in and he didn’t have his mask and just stuck his phone through the door to take a few inside pictures and the rest were the outside. Liquid Therapy does look pretty good. We are constantly complimented by tourists and other boaters too. Bass Pro used us in a photo shoot with a model and film crew. There was a $2 million boat in front of us. But they used Liquid Therapy.

Once we exited the Elizabeth River, passed Hampton Roads area crossed in front of Fort Monroe we turned for our run up the Chesapeake to Horn Harbor Creek. Gentle ocean swells were coming in and we rode those almost up to the York River, The radio calmed down as we got out of range of all the Norfolk traffic. The Chesapeake was unusually flat calm. The scattered fog seemed would be closing in again this evening. A little melancholy came over Susan and me as our fall cruise was ending….

Today’s picture is Susan and me trying to find Atlantis.

DAY 29, 2020 Fall Cruise

21 October 2020 | Ocean Yacht Marina, Portsmouth, VA
BROOKE SMITH | Nice today
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Coinjock Marina - Ocean Yacht Marina, Portsmouth, VA
48 Miles

Started out in a light fog this morning. And, that was worrisome if we ran into a fog bank a little further north in the Currituck Sound. The boat was soaking wet from dew. Dew can leave a boat wetter than rain it seems. Lots of wiping the windows inside and out to be able to see.
We get underway about 8:45AM and are headed north and hope to stay at Atlantic Yacht Basin. But the parade of southbound boats has increased over the past few weeks and there is no room there. Still we will give them a call when we get near as people cancel often.

The radio is alive with an emergency beacon from a VHF radio. This gives me the position of the distressed call as well as everyone else with range. The Coast Guard and the vessel say it’s a false alarm but the alarm continues to happened periodically until the radio is turned off.

We have to open three bridges and go through one lock before this day is over. I try to time those by slowing down or speeding up to arrive at their designated opening times.

I arrive at the first bridge about 15 minutes early and just float around near the bridge. Several boats show up on the other side of the bridge southbound and one more shows up northbound behind me. We get to go through first and that’s a good thing because the other bridge is about 1/2 hour away and we get a head start toward that opening.
I don’t have all of my software that I once had thanks to Garmin discontinuing the software that let me load the route for the day into the Garmin chart plotter. So, calculations are a bit off and I realize I’m going to arrive 8 minutes late unless I can pick up speed. Liquid Therapy is a 36’ Albin Trawler designed for long range cruising at slow speeds and adding full throttle will speed things up only slightly. Still I add power and the late arrival time changes to 7 minutes after opening. I call the bridge and ask if he will hold for me. He says the bridge will probably be still open as he had 7 boats coming through the other direction. And, luckily for me he holds the bridge for Liquid Therapy only having to delay the close about 1 minute.

The next bridge is Great Bridge and is timed with the lock. We are the only boat in the lock as we enter and there are no boats behind us. We have the lock to ourselves which helps since we don’t have great control of the boat with the swirling water. Susan tries for 3 different cleats before she finally snags one. Due to Covid the lock masters are not allowed to help. Liquid Therapy is almost perpendicular to the wall. I turn the wheel all the way over to the right and go into forward to get the stern to move to port. The anchor is the first thing to hit the wall but gently. Then the bow line gets tight as planned and the rudder starts to move the stern slowly around to the wall. Finally we get the stern line on lock wall cleat we have our port side to the wall. We ride the water being let into the lock up to the Elizabeth River on the other side of the lock. Now we are back into salt water leaving the black swamp water on the other side of the lock. Whew we are though all the hard stuff and now we just have to find somewhere to spend the night.

We are now in the industrial parts of Norfolk / Portsmouth will barges being loaded, little push boats moving around, restricted areas of Navy ships being worked on. Noise- lots of noises. And, then as I pass under the Gilmerton bridge and turn left there is a ship getting underway completely blocking the channel. Swirling water from the two tugs pushing the ship around to start out of the channel is something I don’t want to and should not attempt to pass. We wait and the ship is finally in gear as I see that swirl come out.

We had planned on making Fort Monroe again but exhaustion is setting in and we take a slip in Portsmouth.

We hadn’t been docked long when people start to board the boat next to us and we say hi. He has a new VHF radio box in his hand. He said his VHF started sending out emergency signals and they could not stop it. I believe he had to actually pull the fuse on the radio. He was near Deltaville when this started happening and we were hearing this near Coinjock. VHF doesn’t go that far so the Coast Guard with their giant towers must have been relaying that signal. And, that signal makes our radio alarm at full volume. You have to acknowledge the alarm to silence it. His position was 70 miles away and we were not close enough to assist if it had been an emergency. At least we went through the drill if there really is an emergency and know how that all works.

Today’s picture is spider webs in the fog at Coinjock Marina. Photograph by Susan

DAY 28, 2020 Fall Cruise

20 October 2020 | Coinjock Marina
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Manteo - Coinjock Marina

FOG. OK I can see the 1st marker. BUT, not much more. We have to wait until that lifts a bit. It’s 11:30 and has cleared up a bit. I call Coinjock and they say the fog is gone. We get underway for the 42 mile run. I have the game plan in my head and the route loaded into my iPad.
So, it’s a little foggy as we leave the dock I can see marker to marker and I have my AIS (Automatic Identification service) running with collision alarms tightened up a bit.

We get to the first marker in the harbor and the fog gets dense again. I see an AIS target running 19 knots in the Roanoke Sound channel! I am creeping along the Manteo channel at 4 knots not to overdrive my eyes. I slow to a crawl not to meet this guy where the two channels intersect. Then he slows and on my screen he has turned down the Manteo channel. I maintain steerage speed and stay way to my side of the channel. I can see from the AIS we should meet port to port ( like two cars on a 2 lane road ). Finally we see each other and pass safely. The other boat had run into the fog bank and that is why he had slowed down about a mile before the channel. So, the Albemarle Sound would be fine visibility once I get to it.

I exit the Mateo channel onto the Roanoke Sound channel that leads to the Albemarle Sound and the fog gets better. I hear a few boats confirming meeting situations and I pass several more in the fog seeing them first on my AIS screen. Of course most boat do not have AIS so I have to keep a close watch out for those visually.
The Albemarle is clear and I finally get to a point where I can set the Autopilot for the 16 mile run across the Albemarle. Now all I have to do is dodge crab pots. We are in bright sunshine and then I notice I cannot see the shoreline anymore to the north. The fog comes backing patches but nothing like we had encountered earlier.
The rest of the passage is pretty easy and the fog starts settling back in just as we approach the Coinjock bridge. We get tied up at the dock and chat with fellow boaters and are very tired.
The fog has made us more tired than a bouncy day.
A little TV and poof we are asleep.

Today’s picture is the fog view from the Manteo Dock.

DAY 27, 2020 Fall Cruise

19 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
BROOKE SMITH | drizzle and NE10-15
Monday, October 19, 2020
Manteo Waterfront Marina
0 miles

Well, we thought we might get away from Manteo today but the weather forecast changed to just like the day before so we stayed one more day. It wasn’t supposed to rain but we had fog and drizzle most of the day and into the night.
I’m kind of stir crazy as there I some things I’m considering upgrading on Liquid Therapy and cannot order those until we get back. I’ve got to take apart a leaking window. The theory of how these windows are supposed to work by water running along the sliding track and then out a hole doesn’t work. The hole gets dirt in it. The water has to run uphill in the track unless the 220 gallon water tanks are full. The water full water tanks make the stern sit a little lower in the water. But the actuality is water gets underneath the track and comes in through the wall and drips across the electrical outlet. I will need to be back at our home marina under the covered shed to work on that.

Take out food due to Covid. We ordered from the nice restaurant just up the dock steps from Liquid Therapy. First they wouldn’t answer their phone. It’s Monday night - NOT BUSY. I walk up and give my order and the guy says come back in 45 minutes we are busy. I look around and there are two tables and one couple at the bar. I asked could he just give me a call that I’m on that boat right out his window. No, just come back in 45 minutes. I tell the guy I don’t want our food cold or tasting like cardboard from sitting around. We will keep it warm under lights. Humm Onion rings are going to be bad is my thought as they are only good as soon as they come out of the fryer. I set a timer and walk back out into the drizzle and on to the boat. Susan and I get our table ready for the food and watch a little TV. I go back up there to retrieve our food after 45 minutes. They have it ready. How long it had been ready I have no idea. I have been tipping restaurants pretty well, even 100% in one case because I feel sorry for them. Through my steamed, masked glasses I scribble 10%. They really should have called me or even offered to bring the food the few steps to our boat.
The food was OK. It would have been much better delivered to the table when it was ready in the restaurant.

Today’s picture is looking out my lower helm window in the darkness.

DAY 26, 2020 Fall Cruise

18 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
Sunday, October 18, 2020
Manteo Waterfront Marina
0 miles

We thought we’d be leaving Manteo tomorrow, Monday. But as is often the case the weather has slipped and it looks like Tuesday. Monday the wind is now forecasted to be NE10-15. One thing we have found that often wind speeds are higher than forecasted. And, we can be heading somewhat into the wind and the apparent wind is the sum of the boat speed and wind. And, also often the actual wind is stronger than the forecasted speed. So, we will be staying put tomorrow and not venturing out into the Albemarle Sound. Our course would have had whatever wave size hitting us broadside across the sound. Not fun.

We didn’t do anything of significance today. No maintenance. The shaft is still not leaking and the oil and fuel levels have been recorded in the log book for whenever we leave. Just waiting on the weather.

We took a walk to a coffee shop for a change of scenery and to get off the bouncing boat. This marina seems to have wave action from unknown sources.

I heard a band setting up at Roanoke Festival Park. I heard the drum kit being dialed in and then the vocals, keys, guitar and bass. Sounded like a pretty big sound system too. We searched the internet for what was happening. While eating dinner the band started playing and it sounded just like the band Journey. I know all tours are canceled and musicians are really hurting. But this band sounded just like Journey. I had to investigate and walked the about half a mile to the venue expecting security or a crowd. There were a few cars in the parking lot. There was no crowd of lawn chairs. Once the stage was in sight I saw what was going on. It was a wedding reception. And, the band was playing for about 10 people. The band was not Journey. But the band was just great and it was nice hearing an actual band playing. It was also sad that the wedding party was so small due to Covid.

I really miss live music performances. And, restaurants… We miss going out to eat. Hope a cure or vaccination comes soon or the virus just dies.

Today’s picture is some of my marlinspike seamanship displayed.

DAY 25, 2020 Fall Cruise

17 October 2020 | Manteo Waterfront Marina
Saturday, October 17, 2020
Manteo Waterfront Marina
0 miles

It’s still blowing here. But it’s not raining anymore.

I got Alexa working! Don’t ask me how. Alexa just decided she missed bring part of the Liquid Therapy crew I believe.
A little plug here. The Sonos One Speaker with Alexa is awesome. Susan and I are actually hearing lyrics that we could never understand all our lives. Anyhow we are staying here at least tomorrow and maybe Monday too. We have good Internet & Phone service and need to catch up with some home stuff.

An O ring broke on the deck fitting of the port water tank when I loosened it to add water to that tank. I have 4 other deck fittings with O rings of the same size for the other tanks that Liquid Therapy has. So, I’ll go into the Ace Hardware and get 5 of those. If one breaks the rest cannot be far behind. Right?

The end of the aisle, where the O-Rings are located is almost on the floor height and I can’t get my masked steaming up glasses to focus long enough in between breaths to really pick one out close in size. It’s not just my mask breath steaming the glasses. My belly seems to be restricting my breathing bent over like I am. Never thought I’d need to loose weight to pick out O-Rings in the hardware store. None of the O-Rings in the store seem to be correct. Susan and I are both looking and trying to get glasses to focus and match the broken O-Ring with something similar. “The place with the helpful hardware man” has all kinds of O-rings for Moen, Delta and Kohler, but I don’t see anything in stock that says fits a 1979 Albin Trawler deck fitting. We pick out an O-Ring and it appears to be too small and I hope it will stretch without breaking. So, I elect not to buy 5 of the wrong sized O-Rings and just purchase the one O-ring for 85¢

We walk on down to the Piggly Wiggly for a couple things. I always worry when Susan wants a grocery cart instead of one of those small hand baskets. We checkout with lots of bags. I didn’t bring the backpack and we both kind of had that moment where we look at each other and go Uh-Oh How are we going to carry all of these bags back to the boat about a mile away?
We walk down to the cross walk of the very busy street and the Saturday traffic is not letting up in either direction. A lady in a truck on a side street rolls her window down and says she is going to pull out and block traffic one way. Her husband played offense on a football team and she knew something about blocking I guess. When she blocks traffic one way a car coming the other way has pity on us and stops that line of traffic and we struggle across the highway with lots of bags hanging off our arms, not exactly like football players. At least we don't fumble or trip and fall. I gesture thanks to both vehicles for their blocks as I cannot wave. I will not forget the backpack next time, even if I’m just getting an O-Ring.

Now, hurry back to the boat before the frozen things thaw, or more urgently than that before we have to make an age appropriate bathroom pit stop.

Today’s picture is Liquid Therapy under sail. Just kidding. This is our friend's boat Casey and Laurilea’s boat when we stayed with them in St. Johns, USVI. I just love this picture.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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