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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

05 March 2018 | Orchid Bay Marina
Brooke Smith
Docked - Orchid Bay Marina, Guana Cay, Abacos

The strong winds continued throughout Saturday night and all day Sunday as well. I took a reading of 25.6 knots of wind. The wind has been out of the NNE and barometer is currently 29.99” on the boat and rising. It is Monday morning about 7:30AM and the forecast is Gale force winds to continue today and then drop off to light and variable tonight and tomorrow.

We are hopeful that tomorrow we will get around the Whale Cay passage to Green Turtle Cay. The wind sounds fine. But the residual 14’ swells may keep us from moving. Swells travel hundreds of miles and the center of the storm was about 500 miles north of here. So, we will see about that tomorrow.

But Sunday was funday ashore. Even with the wind blowing so hard, we found shelter by the dunes, trees and the fun places ashore. Susan and I have been to Great Guana several times and wanted to show Carter some of our favorite places. We walked to Grabbers resort. The wind was not conducive to a relaxed lunch. A golf cart from Nippers came by and we hopped aboard and carted to Nippers. Now for those of you that have never been to Nippers, it is really a cool bar/restaurant high up on the Atlantic side beach. It always has music going and a specialty drink of course. On Sunday they have a famous pig roast lunch. Lots of times when we have been it has been packed with spring break bikini girls. And, music we are not familiar with. But today they were playing music we knew and yes there were some young people, but lots our age as well. The view of the Atlantic waves crashing ashore from the wind storm were very awe inspiring. We opted NOT to eat the pig roast and started to leave when a waitress approached Carter and said someone wanted to buy her a drink. The guy also bought Susan a drink. I got out of the way so not to interfere. If someone else is buying, I’ll let them. Carter and Susan never figured out who the guy was and he never said hello. Carter told the waitress to tell the guy, whoever he is, Thanks and we left.

We then walked down the path from Nippers to our favorite Tiki bar, Kidds Cove. Pictures were taken at the funny backhoe, and trees.
When we arrived at the very small, Kidds Cove Susan and I knew where to sit that wasn’t an obvious bench. It was not crowded when we first arrived. But we had more and more people showed up. Carter ordered a gin and tonic. Elton, the Bartender, says we don’t have gin. I told you it was a very small bar. But still what bar doesn’t have gin? Carter & Susan settled for a Vodka tonic and me a beer. Susan I also had a great Bahamian lobster roll. Carter a fish sandwich without bread, whatever that is called. They don’t take credit cards and do not have any cash register. The waitress, Angie, keeps tally on a yellow legal pad. Too funny!

We had the best time talking with lots people as they showed up. Some of them had enough of Nippers and wanted somewhere quiet. But it soon got NOT quiet around the outdoor bar with everyone introducing each other and telling where they are from and their stories. We had lots of fun taking votes of who was from the North and South of the USA. I’m sure Elton was confused about north-south rivalries of the USA. After so much fun at Kidds Cove we headed back to the boat and fixed a salad and shrimp for dinner. The boat was still being hit with high winds and we were glad to be tied to the dock.

Today’s picture is taken at Kidds Cove. Elton and Angie in the front, Carter, Susan and me in the back. A woman we met at the bar took the picture. She is from Atlanta, but had gone to St. Catherine’s High School in Richmond, when it was a boarding school. Funny how we always find connections no matter where we are.
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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