Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

DAY 20 , 2020 Fall Cruise

Monday, October 12, 2020
Docked - Anchorage Inn Marina Ocracoke
0 miles

I wonder when Jimmy Buffett is going to dock. I know he is in Coinjock, 66 miles away. I know he loves to fish and is on his fishing boat, Last Mango. I wonder if the dock master is going to put him on our dock. How cool will this be? I’ll offer him a beer and to come aboard Liquid Therapy. I want to know about his boat. I do have a guitar on board. I wonder for a moment and naw I won’t ask.

So, I messaged Jimmy ( yes we are on first name basis ) to come to Ocracoke and that the wahoo, tuna, king mackerel and mahi are being caught daily. So, I’m watching his boat for movement on AIS.

We decide to walk for a breakfast pita bacon egg cheese in the village. I check my phone and see last Mango has gotten underway. Shoot we better eat fast so we can get back to the boat before Jimmy shows up. Ocracoke is perfect for Jimmy to get away as it is a true island with no connection to the mainland with bridges. So, he can’t get mobbed by fans driving here when he arrives. Most of the Ocracoke folk will not do more than just wave or nod like they do to us.

So, we gulp our sandwiches down and walk faster back to he boat to tidy up. Darn Jimmy’s boat is fast. I see he is coming down the Pamlico Sound at 33.7 knots. Well, Liquid Therapy is ready for our guest.

What? What? Jimmy decides to pass on Ocracoke. It’s a good weather day to put some miles in to the south. So, Last Mango blasts on by Ocracoke, into the Neuse River, Beaufort and out into the ocean to Charleston, SC. Next time old buddy. Next time.

Today’s picture is a screen print from my phone showing Jimmy’s boat passing Ocracoke 10:15 this morning.