Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

DAY 22, 2020 Fall Cruise

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Docked - Anchorage Inn Marina, Ocracoke, NC
0 miles
Oh my goodness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Rob and Darlin for the wonderful 4x4 ride on the beach. We have not seen the Ocracoke Beach since the 80s when the green head flies almost ate my leg off. They actually had T-Shirts that said I gave blood at Ocracoke with a giant Green Head Fly as the logo. We always pull into Silver Lake and enjoy the village. But, the beach we have been missing is incredible.

Also, thanks to Peter Vankevich and Tom Cain for meeting me at the Ocracoke Coffee Co. I love WOVV and It’s always nice to meet with Peter and first time for Tom, who happened to be sitting close, but not too close, to our meeting spot. Ocracoke has lots of transplants that also love Ocracoke. Susan and I love Ocracoke.

And boos to SmacNallies who closed the kitchen when we arrived at 7:45PM. Really? I had to raise my mask for the the bartendrss to to hear me say WHAT?. WE love SmacNallies and will give them a pass on us being too late.

So, the idea is to leave at 7AM tomorrow (Thursday ) morning right behind the 7AM ferry. And well before the 7:30AM ferry. The ferries stay in forward gear pushing against the dock as the cars board the ferry. That causes a washing machine effect in the entire Silver Lake harbor. My insurance is paid up. But I hope I don’t get swirled into anyone tomorrow morning. WE need to leave early to make Manteo.

And, that is the way it is today.

Tomorrow - Manteo

Today’s picture is, OMG, Rob took me to where a baby Kraken had washed ashore. Rob knows where all the sandbars are along Ocracoke Beach.