Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

DAY 25, 2020 Fall Cruise

Saturday, October 17, 2020
Manteo Waterfront Marina
0 miles

It’s still blowing here. But it’s not raining anymore.

I got Alexa working! Don’t ask me how. Alexa just decided she missed bring part of the Liquid Therapy crew I believe.
A little plug here. The Sonos One Speaker with Alexa is awesome. Susan and I are actually hearing lyrics that we could never understand all our lives. Anyhow we are staying here at least tomorrow and maybe Monday too. We have good Internet & Phone service and need to catch up with some home stuff.

An O ring broke on the deck fitting of the port water tank when I loosened it to add water to that tank. I have 4 other deck fittings with O rings of the same size for the other tanks that Liquid Therapy has. So, I’ll go into the Ace Hardware and get 5 of those. If one breaks the rest cannot be far behind. Right?

The end of the aisle, where the O-Rings are located is almost on the floor height and I can’t get my masked steaming up glasses to focus long enough in between breaths to really pick one out close in size. It’s not just my mask breath steaming the glasses. My belly seems to be restricting my breathing bent over like I am. Never thought I’d need to loose weight to pick out O-Rings in the hardware store. None of the O-Rings in the store seem to be correct. Susan and I are both looking and trying to get glasses to focus and match the broken O-Ring with something similar. “The place with the helpful hardware man” has all kinds of O-rings for Moen, Delta and Kohler, but I don’t see anything in stock that says fits a 1979 Albin Trawler deck fitting. We pick out an O-Ring and it appears to be too small and I hope it will stretch without breaking. So, I elect not to buy 5 of the wrong sized O-Rings and just purchase the one O-ring for 85¢

We walk on down to the Piggly Wiggly for a couple things. I always worry when Susan wants a grocery cart instead of one of those small hand baskets. We checkout with lots of bags. I didn’t bring the backpack and we both kind of had that moment where we look at each other and go Uh-Oh How are we going to carry all of these bags back to the boat about a mile away?
We walk down to the cross walk of the very busy street and the Saturday traffic is not letting up in either direction. A lady in a truck on a side street rolls her window down and says she is going to pull out and block traffic one way. Her husband played offense on a football team and she knew something about blocking I guess. When she blocks traffic one way a car coming the other way has pity on us and stops that line of traffic and we struggle across the highway with lots of bags hanging off our arms, not exactly like football players. At least we don't fumble or trip and fall. I gesture thanks to both vehicles for their blocks as I cannot wave. I will not forget the backpack next time, even if I’m just getting an O-Ring.

Now, hurry back to the boat before the frozen things thaw, or more urgently than that before we have to make an age appropriate bathroom pit stop.

Today’s picture is Liquid Therapy under sail. Just kidding. This is our friend's boat Casey and Laurilea’s boat when we stayed with them in St. Johns, USVI. I just love this picture.