Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

DAY 27, 2020 Fall Cruise

Monday, October 19, 2020
Manteo Waterfront Marina
0 miles

Well, we thought we might get away from Manteo today but the weather forecast changed to just like the day before so we stayed one more day. It wasn’t supposed to rain but we had fog and drizzle most of the day and into the night.
I’m kind of stir crazy as there I some things I’m considering upgrading on Liquid Therapy and cannot order those until we get back. I’ve got to take apart a leaking window. The theory of how these windows are supposed to work by water running along the sliding track and then out a hole doesn’t work. The hole gets dirt in it. The water has to run uphill in the track unless the 220 gallon water tanks are full. The water full water tanks make the stern sit a little lower in the water. But the actuality is water gets underneath the track and comes in through the wall and drips across the electrical outlet. I will need to be back at our home marina under the covered shed to work on that.

Take out food due to Covid. We ordered from the nice restaurant just up the dock steps from Liquid Therapy. First they wouldn’t answer their phone. It’s Monday night - NOT BUSY. I walk up and give my order and the guy says come back in 45 minutes we are busy. I look around and there are two tables and one couple at the bar. I asked could he just give me a call that I’m on that boat right out his window. No, just come back in 45 minutes. I tell the guy I don’t want our food cold or tasting like cardboard from sitting around. We will keep it warm under lights. Humm Onion rings are going to be bad is my thought as they are only good as soon as they come out of the fryer. I set a timer and walk back out into the drizzle and on to the boat. Susan and I get our table ready for the food and watch a little TV. I go back up there to retrieve our food after 45 minutes. They have it ready. How long it had been ready I have no idea. I have been tipping restaurants pretty well, even 100% in one case because I feel sorry for them. Through my steamed, masked glasses I scribble 10%. They really should have called me or even offered to bring the food the few steps to our boat.
The food was OK. It would have been much better delivered to the table when it was ready in the restaurant.

Today’s picture is looking out my lower helm window in the darkness.