Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Day 23 Saturday, June 12, 2021

Docked - Atlantic Yacht Basin, Chesapeake, VA

Great Bridge bridge broke. Say that fast several times. Not sure what happened. 4PM we monitor the bridge radio channel and they say they cannot go up (open) and a technician has been dispatched but is delayed by traffic. I smirk and wonder if the technician is stuck in traffic at another bridge stuck in the up position.

Anyhow, there are boats on the lock side of the bridge that cannot come though the bridge and then there are boats trying to go through the bridge into the lock and hey it's late in the day.

One boat was heading to New Jersey. I helped temporarily tie him up while the bridge is being repaired. The crew member does't know how to tie the boat to the dock and the dock masters are busy with other boats getting fuel while they have to wait for the bridge to be fixed. This is a 55' boat and only two people. They say they are not delivery crew, but I wonder. The guy has to think of where they left this morning. And he had no clue of what their destination was supposed to be for tonight. They plan on being in Atlantic City TOMORROW. As they say the most dangerous thing on a boat is a schedule.

I show the guy how to tie a clove hitch to the piling and he said he knew that must be very important but didn't have a clue about knots. And, then I wonder does he and the captain have a clue of how far it is from Chesapeake, VA to Atlantic City, NJ? I ask the guy if they are going to run up the Chesapeake or outside? Blank stare. He finally mentions they have a cruise planner person that instructs them where they are going. I'm not sure they knew they were not still in North Carolina.

One thing the guy I was helping said was that I needed two hours on the massage table for my back. I'm wincing showing him the ropes and it's noticeable. I'm better. But, if I move certain ways I'm in terrible pain. I'm pretty sure the guy is correct about a massage. I swear I'm going to get back to yoga when I get back. That has always been the best exercise to keep my body in balance.

It rained most of the day until late this afternoon. We are having a nice sunset and actually had our happy hour on the fly bridge. We even got a little cool. Summer weather. You just never know.

Today's picture is sunset along our boat after all the rain today.