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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Liquid Therapy Fall Cruise - Day 1, 2 &3

Day 1, 2 &3 Fall Cruise - Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, October 20-22, 2021, Passage from Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina to Atlantic Yacht Basin, Great Bridge, VA 53 miles and another 37 miles to Coinjock, NC.

We are off on a 6 week cruise. Our main focus is cruising to Ocracoke Island, NC, to the Pirate Jamboree https://www.visitocracokevillage.com/plan-your-trip/events-2/ .There is so much going on in Norfolk at the beginning of this trip, with the Navy, commercial traffic, planes, helicopters, other cruisers and of course having to make the dreaded Great Bridge Lock on time. Whew, we made it through all of that and toasted after taking on fuel and getting tied up for the night. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at https://www.vinoitalianbistro.com, which was just the short walk we needed after a day on the boat. Today, Friday, we have made it from Great Bridge to Coinjock Marina, which can boast many beautiful spider webs on old fence rungs along the dock. Pretty easy cruise down the North Landing River to Coinjock.

Saturday looks very good to get to Manteo, NC and Sunday looks good for the Pamlico Sound down to Ocracoke. Of course all of that could change. We got caught up on some cleaning, water filter maintenance, storage and organization of items. There is always too much stuff.

Presently, we are having an electrical storm and feel pretty safe with a sailboat in front and behind us on the dock. Nice lightning rods!

Having a hard time getting into the swing of writing the blog. It’s tough after you’ve had a day on the water. Lots of physical work and looking at nature. Susan saw a PAIR of bald eagles today. I had tunnel vision on the waterway and didn’t see them. Oh well, I’ll look for them on the way back up!

Susan took today’s picture titled - Moonrise At Atlantic Yacht Basin.