Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Monday, May 23 - Tuesday - May 24 Day 5 Ocracoke cruise to the OcraFolk Music Festival, Ocracoke, NC

Monday, May 23 Day 4 - Ocracoke cruise to the OcraFolk Music Festival, Ocracoke, NC
Docked - Atlantic Yacht Basin

Really not much to say about today. We hiked to the Kroger and hardware store today. I'm still trying to figure what's up with my cold water smelling when my hot water doesn't smell.

Tuesday - May 24 Day 5 Ocracoke cruise to the OcraFolk Music Festival, Ocracoke, NC
Chesapeake to Coinjock

10-15 East wind and rain are forecast for today. The Albemarle - Currituck canal are easy in this weather. My charts are up to date and route to Coinjock is loaded and away we go under cloudy skies and little wind. We have to open two bridges that open on the hour and half hours. The first one is easy to time. But the 2nd one is 4.7miles away and I have made it in the past, But I have to run hard. So, I elect to take our time and allow 1 hour to 2nd bridge. We are only going 38 miles and it's nice to putt along and look at nature. It gets darker and darker and I have Susan switch on the running lights below. My AIS is alive showing lots of boats headed north. One is going 38 knots! Several larger sports fishers are running 22 knots or so. Some slow for us as they should and many do not and will not make eye contact. Nothing damaged today from the non-courteous boats. I have a pretty good technique for handling bad wakes that works most of the time if I have enough maneuvering room. The sports fishers are the worst about waking us. Not sure why that is. I really want to get a dash cam to record the bad boats. When you are struggling with your boat it's really hard to catch the name of the offending boat. And, those million plus boats certainly have the name shut off on AIS for anonymity.

My autopilot was superb today taking care of the wind corrections that came in gusts. The weather radio alert came on and informed us of dangerous thunderstorm about 40 miles south of us with waterspouts. I keep an eye on the weather radar and we seem to not having anything like that coming at us. The weather was nasty enough we didn't see any birds. We heard jets from Oceana Air station over us. But, we barely saw them.

The rain came down hard a few times on our way to Coinjock. Luckily, the rain was just about over when we reached the marina. The dock hands are always experts in securing us to the dock. They pack boats tightly bow to stern along their seawall. Our anchor on our bowsprit is just about touching the dinghy of the sailboat in front of us. In the morning it's always a question of who will get underway first to unclog the seawall and not hit the boat in front or behind you. We are not moving today so Liquid Therapy will not be that first boat.

Today's picture is our anchor and the dinghy on the boat in front of us.