Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Tuesday, May 31,2022 - Docked Anchorage Marina, Ocracoke, NC

I don’t usually have much to write about when docked. Sometimes it’s just mundane cleaning and eating. The 112’ large yacht FIGARO docked this afternoon. We watched as the crew and the marina guys tied this super yacht up. The principal woman appeared on the back deck with two small dogs in her arms and another larger dog bounding about watching as the lines went around the dock pilings. I’m wondering if the dock can actually secure this size vessel. I google the yacht ( https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-24210/figaro.htm ) and find out it has two 2000HP motors. Pretty sure in gear Figaro would take the dock away at dead idle. The yacht looks out of place. We see yachts like this in Charleston, Miami etc. Later I pass the Dockmaster and ask is this the largest boat he’s ever had at the marina. He tells me he had only one larger a 125’ boat once. I ask is Figaro here for the OcraFolk festival. Dockmaster says no just here for a few days. The yacht is right in front on us so curiosity makes me keep track of their actions. The back deck has visible glassware on a table with napkins stuffed in them ready for wine or champagne.The 5 person young crew is always busy cleaning squeegeeing glass and wiping everything down. I see one take the larger dog for a walk. Near sunset I see the principals sitting at the aft deck. It’s too windy to eat there even though the sunset and view is great. Susan and I have a cocktail on the fly bridge to watch the sunset and harbor activities. Always a boat or ferry moving in Silver Lake.
Then the thought runs though my mind that it’s an oligarch yacht avoiding seizure. Figaro is Cayman Island registered. Yep maybe that’s why they pulled in here. Hiding? Now I’m waiting for the Hyde County Sheriff to arrive on the next ferry to seize the yacht. This is exciting!
Today’s picture is the stern view of Figaro.