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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Sunday, March 12, 2023 Canaan Valley, WV Trip

We looked at the forecast and feeling snow deprived this winter suddenly jumped in the Outback heading for Canaan, WV. It was just about that fast a decision. We'd lost a friend this week and there seems to be nothing like mountain air cleaned by snow to renew the spirit.

I've been going to Canaan since 1972. It's a place where you can just let your mind go into neutral and take in nature. And, so as we turned off 66 onto I81 yesterday it started snowing. Most people hope they are going to get to their destination before the snow gets too deep. We just marvel at snow hitting the windshield. It was 45º when we left home and now it was dropping fast from 37º to 29º. Susan and I were as happy as school children knowing school would be canceled tomorrow in our way past childhood memories.

We stop in Wardensville, WV for lunch at the Kac-Ka-Pon restaurant with the after church regulars starring at us like in some movie. ( What are you doing in our restaurant? kind of looks. Their necks able to tun like an owl ) Well, what kind of town is named Wardensville? Must have beens lots of wardens that lived there.

Back into the Outback and the steady climb starts. WV route 48 is built by interstate standards. Except the road goes nowhere with very little traffic on it. Wardensville to Davis, WV. We are thankful for the smooth 5% grades and excellent road conditions that West Virginia is famous for. We encounter patches of snow and then climb into the clouds and then the intrastate highway ends at a stop sign Davis,WV to the left and Thomas, WV to the right. Kind of a profound moment as both towns have a population of about 600 people.

We turn left and head to Whitegrass Ski Touring Center. ( Whitegrass Touring Center ) One of the most interesting ski areas around. All natural snow when they have it. Chip Chase discovered the abandoned Weis Knob Alpine ski area and built it into what is wonderful experience. We got hot chocolate and spiced apple cider. Also, in a big water cooler was maple water to drink. You boil that down to make maple syrup. Anyhow, this place just has a great vibe about it and we love going there for Chip and his crew, food and scenery.

We headed on to Blackwater Lodge for our room. Blackwater Lodge is located Blackwater Falls State Park and is another beautiful area with hiking trails, water falls and lots of big spruce trees. More about Blackwater Lodge another time.

Today's picture is one of the old wood stoves that heat Whitegrass Ski Center.