Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Monday, March 13, 2023

Still snowing. Flurries mainly. At breakfast we had a wonderful view of the canyon from the restaurant right here at Blackwater Lodge. A little snow now now and then. The spruce forest is beautiful. It’s 29º at breakfast and expected to hold or drop from there throughout the day.

We got a late start and the next thing we know it’s time for lunch leftovers from last night. Ugh, we’ve eaten too much it seems. But we are planning some exercise. After lunch and getting suited up we head for the Lindy Point trail. Hopefully we can drive to the parking area. In the past the road to the Lindy Parking parking area has been closed due to snow. We are in luck the road is snow covered but open and we avoid the close to 1 mile walk to the trail head. The cut trail to the overlook is through about 12’ high mountain laurel. What a site this must be in July when they are in bloom. We’ve never been here then. The deep mountain laurel afford us shelter from the wind as we walk to the canyon overlook. We are steadied by our trekking poles. We are quite along the trail when I remember the back pack that has water and neck warmers and extra clothing. We are pretty warm with walking heat - the temperature now around 25º. It is so quiet with no birds or any wildlife evident. Everything is asleep it seems for winter. Spring is very soon though and things will be different in a few weeks. We finally get to the canyon. The wind is picking up and it’s definitely cold. But it feels healthy and renewing. And, that is why we are here.
We take a few pictures of the canyon and river below, take in the stunning scenery and the cold turns us around back up the trail to the car.

We drive into the town of Davis to get a snow scraper for the car. Yep, when it’s pretty much spring at home you forget the snow scraper. The Dollar General only has a huge scraper / brush with an extension handle for $10. I decide not to buy that thing and will just use the bottom of the plastic bottle of glass cleaner I have in the car. It worked earlier. We are only here until Wednesday!

We scout out where we will have dinner tonight. It’s Monday and most everything is closed. We drop by the Billy Motel Bar for a drink and conversation with the bartender about dinner. I have Red Needle ( Leonard Cohen drink ) and Susan has a Negroni. The Billy motel bar is another place you can just escape. Very, very cool. We are the only customers. It is MONDAY you know. And, then a few people start showing up for drinks. A mixture of locals, nature hikers, skiers and others for conversation and some to check into the 10 room Billy Motel. Yep, it’s that small. After our drink we dine just down the street at the only place open, Siriani’s Pizza and Italian. It’s a cash only place. We are seeing more places taking cash only with their own ATM if you don’t have cash. The spaghetti is great tasting and plenty. Box up the rest of it and back to our room in Blackwater Lodge. Trying to keep the TV off and not look at any news while we are here. The big news for us is the weather forecast. Snow showers throughout the night with a low of 19º. High of 23º windy and snowy all day tomorrow. Perfect escape. Just perfect.

Today’s picture is the canyon view at Lindy Point.