Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Day 5 - Passage Tangier Island to Reedville, Va

Friday, June 9, 2023 - This morning we didn’t risk getting off the boat again at our precarious slip in Tangier. We ate breakfast aboard and then made our preparations for today’s passage. I did have to shimmy down to the finger pier to unhook the power cords. We had some strong current pushing us toward the boat docked next to us. I rigged a short spring line to back against to hold us as far away from the next door neighbor. And, and, I remembered to raise the anchor. I’d feared that I’d forget the anchor was down yesterday to let us get that extra foot closer to the dock. It is not something I normally check when getting underway at a slip and was sure I’d tear something up going in reverse with the anchor down in the marina. And, as we untied the remaining lines the next door neighbor boat departed. Well, at least I will not hit him now for sure.

It’s 9:40 as we are untying the last spring line and I back out of the slip in Tangier for the 19 mile run to Reedville. We exit the Tangier channel into the Chesapeake and we will be on this course for 14 miles to the entrance of the Great Wicomico River. I look at the AIS and only see one container ship bound for Baltimore that will cross our path well in front of us. No course changes are made the entire Chesapeake crossing until I get near the Wicomico and intersect a line of crab pots and have to dodge a few. The AIS alarms that a boat behind me is approaching our stern a mile or so back. Calculations are that he is going to catch me 4 minutes before I turn out of the Wicomico into Cockrell Creek. I call him on the radio and says he is also turning into Cockrel Creek. I let him know I’m slowing to let him pass and all is is good as he passes me and makes the hard turn into Cockrell. I follow his turn and we start getting more distance between us. We pass the Omega Protein ship fleet that fish the menhaden and turns the small fish into vitamins, lipstick and animal feed. Thee are many boats of their fleet in port. I’m not sure if there is some fishing restriction in place since they had a net tear open last year and spread dead fish all over the Chesapeake. I know there was some suggestion that their operations be curtailed in the Chesapeake. We then pass the Reedville Historic Smokestack - 130 feet tall built in 1902. The smokestack was restored from deterioration a few years back.

And, today we have an easy docking at the Crazy Crab Restaurant dock. We get to lay port side alongside the dock. Easy on and off. A storm threatens but never shows up and we have a nice cool breeze. I have to take a nap with that breeze and so I do.

Susan and I decide to eat at the Crazy Crab as well and it is a hit. We’ve had crab cakes at Smith Island and Tangier Island. But the crab cakes at the Crazy Crab win the contest. We then take a stroll up the main street of Reedville and get ice cream and chat with others eating their ice cream outside. And, I’ve never seen anyone getting ice cream or eating it that doesn’t have a smile on their face. Quite a nice scene for sure.

Todays picture is from the stern of our boat looking down the perfectly placed pilings at Parks Marina in Tangier.