Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Day 6 - Passage - Reedville to Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina

Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 35 NM.
9:51AM underway and a beautiful day it is. We have been having unusual temperatures this entire trip Low 70s this morning and a slight southerly breeze just felt great. No visible smoke and good visibility. Easy ride down the western side of the Chesapeake heading for our home port marina, Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina. Some boats are out fishing and we are far from the shipping lanes.

After we clear the Great Wicomico River and pass some pound nets I roll out on a course that is 18 Nautical Miles ( NM ) before the next turn 3 hours from now. ( Sorry friends, I’ve switched back to Nautical miles. The Intracoastal Waterway is calibrated in Statute miles and I use Statute on the ICW. But everything else, including marine weather, the wind speeds are in knots. Add 15%, like you are doing a tip at a restaurant, to NM and you will get close to Statute Miles)..

Three hours on one course? I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I switch on the autopilot and go below for a 2 hour nap. What could go wrong? I wake up a couple hours later to see where we are. Little groggy, but we’ve made good progress and are now in the Rappahannock entrance. But we proceed on. And, then past Gwen Island. And, then the Wolf Trap area puts me on the course to Horn Harbor Creek entrance marker. The wind had picked up to about 10 and we are headed into that at 7 knots = 17 knots of relative wind. Some waves splash the bow but the ride is fine.

We round HH Red #2 and head up the creek. We meet and wave to several boats that we know and a few friends overtake us as well. We dock just fine in our slip at 4:00PM. We have greetings from our marina friends.

We elect to have dinner aboard as we are kind of beat. There are lots of chores to take care of before we pack up and head home tomorrow.

And, this ends blogs for our cruise around the Chesapeake. Too short. We planned on being gone a month. Until next time. Stay healthy everyone.

Today’s picture is Reedville Smokestack this morning as we head down Cockrell Creek..