Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Docked Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina

June 11, 2023 Sunday -
Clean up and go home day.
Really takes a while to get ready to go home. Gather up all the clothes, Vacuum flies up. Lots of dead flies
Unfinished project - Remove TV antenna, cables and associated amplifiers. An Apple TV & WIFI supersedes cable and antenna TV.
( Hard to believe I still have a working DIAL telephone on the boat and now moving away from over the air TV)

Repairs - Stuff just breaks constantly on a boat. I get the snap repair kit out and fix a snap that broke on a window screen. Susan finds one of the shelves in our pantry has broken mounts. A couple of screws with washers replace the broken plastic mounts.

If something isn’t broken it needs cleaning. I’m not sure where dust and dirt come from on a boat. But we are always spot cleaning and vacuuming.

And, there is a substantial check list to shutting the boat down to go home. We look at each other and say, let’s stay one more night and go home in the morning.

So, after packing all the clothes up to go home I’m digging through them to find clean undies and get a hot shower. I turn the hot water on in the shower and it’s coming out lukewarm. Susan checks and I had not turned the hot water breaker on since we arrived yesterday. Enough said about the shower.

Anyhow, we are tired from yesterday and don’t move or think very fast today. So, early night night.

Today’s picture is Liquid Therapy in her slip at the marina.