Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Fall Cruise Day 14

It’s Monday morning and I haven’t written home lately. So, what should I say today. The WEATHER. We should be underway heading north to Manteo today. But we have small craft warnings from today through Thursday morning! That’s a lot of wind for lots of days. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a string of days with small craft warnings. Oh my, we are stuck in Ocracoke!! What to do? Ha, we are not late for work and don't have any kind of obligations back home. Ocracoke is one of our favorite places. And, since the Pirate Jamboree is over. Things are starting to calm down in the streets.

Saturday they had a battle in Silver Lake between Blackbeard’s ship and Royal Navy. It was lots of canon fire, some small arms. I’m trying to edit a video of some of the battle. They really were circling each other and firing.

Stopping typing a while - Decided I’d better get the dinghy out of the water as it’s flopping around behind the boat and we certainly will not be taking a ride around Silver Lake in all the weather coming.

Interestingly for those of you on Facebook, I posted a video of our pirate flags. A friend in Cincinnati replied that one of the flags of pirate Emmanuel Wynn was her family. Later that day a marina dock master walked by and said hey that flag there is my Great, Great, etc Grandfather Wynn. I told him, well then you have a cousin living in Cincinnati! He is a several generations Ocracoke Islander. I let my Facebook friend know his name was Wynn and he is her cousin. How strange is that? They should do an Acestry.com test and see where the bloodlines cross.

Ok, had to take time out to haul up the dingy. The wind is getting up. Our chairs have been rocking back and forth on the fly bridge all night. Couldn’t figure out what was making the noise until this morning. I’ve heard tales of people going mad from canned food rolling back and forth. So, you hear unusual sounds on a boat and often don’t sleep that well.

Today’s picture is Captain Jack Sparrow (well actually if you look closely you’ll see it’s actually Johnny Depp ) at the 1718 Brewery costume party Saturday night. Jack Sparrow came over to speak with Susan. I didn’t get a clear picture but you can see it’s actually Johnny Depp. Strange guy. Shorter than I imagined too. But, he has a bizarre quiet manner about him. Kind of magical.