Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Day 16 Fall Cruise November 1,2023

Uh Oh! It’s 7:00AM and there is no blast from the 7:00AM Swansboro Ferry. It’s supposed to leave at 7:00AM. I guess that gives you a hint of how the weather is this morning. Gray with a little drizzle and the wind is 22-29 knots out of the NNW. Liquid Therapy is creaking like one of those sailing ship movies in a storm. The wind is whistling in nearby sailboat’s rigging. The fly bridge bimini support pipes of Liquid Therapy sound like a flute playing different musical notes. The forecast is for stronger winds this morning.

Yesterday, we visited the Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum and learned much about the island. One of the things that made my imagination go wild was the mounted Boy Scout Troop started in 1954 to take care of the herd of wild horses. These horses were descended from shipwrecked horses that had survived from the 1500s–1700s along the Outer Banks. Each scout had to catch, tame, train, and teach the ponies to eat hay rather than native feed. The ponies also were taught port and starboard commands. When I was growing up every boy I knew in my neighborhood dreamed of getting a pony. On Ocracoke you could be a Boy Scout and have a pony. Wow - double fun!

Last night we put the windshield up on the golf cart before we started driving in the wind to dinner. It’s chilly but hasn’t started raining yet. We ate at Howard’s Pub. I asked what the fish of the day was and the waitress said “trout”. I asked was it speckled trout or gray trout? She didn’t know and was too busy to ask the kitchen at that time. I said, “I love gray trout and rarely catch or get it at a restaurant. I’ll have the trout sandwich whichever trout it is.” Susan had an oyster salad. We also had oysters Rockefeller which were excellent. My trout sandwich had two filets which seemed to be gray trout size and taste. The waitress confirmed later that it was gray trout. Yum! Yum!

Trick or treat - on Ocracoke is fun. The trick or treaters walk down Lighthouse Road and people line the road and hand out treats to the costumed children. Some people in golf carts drive the road and hand out treats from their golf carts. We brought a bag of candy with us to join in the fun and parked along side the road to hand out our candy. We enjoyed treating the children, seeing the costumes, talking with their parents and joining in the Ocracoke Halloween tradition.

Today’s picture is Halloween along Lighthouse Road.