Ya Ha Ha Ting

The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

Day 19 Fall Cruise November 4, 2023

Wow we have really getting good fuel economy in days / gallon units. Ten days without a gallon burned. That’s pretty good mileage. And, we aren’t leaving tomorrow.

Today, Ocracoke held a Latin festival. Susan and I have been wanting to go this festival for many years. Didn’t realized we’d go by being stranded. Kind of that saying about lemons and lemonade. We walked over about 3:30 for food. Did I mention it’s windy here in Ocracoke? Yep as soon as the hot carnitas were handed to you it was instantly chilled by the wind. And paper plates? Well, you know they are going fly away. And, then you try to hold the plates, cups and your nose starts to run. Should I get Suz to give my nose a wipe or wait for a wind lull to get my own Kleenex? Ah, the joys of dining outside at any festival. On the good side there were no flies - or Yellowjackets.

Yes, this blog is going nowhere. Listening to a little Jimmy Buffett on Pandora. Having a little rum too. Helped Hemingway. Maybe I should start a story about catching a fish and having sharks eat it. Hey that’s happened to me plenty of times - especially gray trout. Sharks hit em before you can get it in the boat. Grays have a paper mouth and you have to be gentle with them until you feel the tug of the shark biting him in half. I don’t really see an epic novel in that. But I am an Old Man and the Sea. SO!

Today’s picture is Susan’s plate of fried pork skin shell with pickled pork skin salad before it blew out of her hands. Might have saved her life.