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The fun times aboard Liquid Therapy. With - Susan and Brooke Smith

29 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
24 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
23 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
22 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
21 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
21 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
19 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
18 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
18 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
16 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
15 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
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11 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
10 January 2016 | Bayside Marina, Islamorada, FL
09 January 2016 | Gilbert's Resort and Marina, Key Largo, FL
09 January 2016 | Gilbert's Resort and Marina, Key Largo, FL
07 January 2016 | No Name Harbor
06 January 2016 | Matheson Hammock Marina

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

20 April 2018 | Barefoot Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage Passage - Osprey Marina - Barefoot Marina, North Myrtle Beach, SC
20 SM 3.6 Engine Hours
9:58 AM Underway
12:53 PM Docked port side to face dock

This stretch of the ICW is rather boring. We are running in the “ditch” basically. There are lots of houses and golf courses along this 20 miles. However, I would not want to live with the view of your neighbor across the waterway. We like the homes that have large expanse views of marsh or the Atlantic views. We had lots of no wake zones making this trip pretty slow.

Friends - We met some people I had worked with at Verizon Communications. Marcia, Seabird, Dana and Dave were all RV-ing in Myrtle Beach. We had them over for a visit to Liquid Therapy for happy hour and conversation. All 6 of us couldn’t all talk fast enough about the various things we have done in retirement. We all had worked for C&P Telephone Company that changed to Bell Atlantic and then Verizon Communications. It was a quick 30 + year career for all of us. They drove us to a barbecue restaurant for dinner and we all had lots of fun catching up. We have met more old friends on this trip than any other we have taken.

We are starting to see home in sight. It’s about another 7-8 travel days left until we are back at Horn Harbor Marina, our home marina.

Today’s picture is the Barefoot Bridge at sunrise.

Monday, April 16, 2018

19 April 2018 | Osprey Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage Passage - Georgetown- Osprey Marina, South Myrtle Beach, SC
32 SM 4.9 Engine Hours
9:40 AM Underway
12:19 PM Docked port side to inside face dock

Went went to Osprey Marina mainly to get fuel. Fuel is the lowest price in South Carolina. We took on 120 gallons. Osprey marina is located at mile 373 of the ICW. That is 373 miles from Portsmouth, VA which is Mile 0. We should burn no more that 110 gallons to get to mile 0. We will fill up at Top Rack Marina, mile 8.8, in Chesapeake, VA. And, full tanks will run us all summer running around the Chesapeake Bay. The price of oil has been going up and all of the fuel prices are going up with it. Still, if you get it as the cheapest price you do as good as you can. Also, these cheaper priced places pump LOTS of fuel, so you get fresh clean fuel. I’m still getting water and junk out of my starboard tank after filling anywhere. And, I did have to drain the fuel filter after taking on fuel at Osprey.

The trip between Georgetown and Myrtle Beach is some of the prettiest parts of the ICW. It is swampy and dark black water in places. Cyprus trees and it really looks spooky in places. And, then there are the old rice fields with the canals running from the ICW up into fields. The only alligator I have ever seen on the ICW is along this stretch a few trips back.

Today’s picture is a cool steel sail boat we saw going down and is still anchored near Myrtle Beach. ( And yes I’m a few passages behind in my posts )

Saturday, April 14, 2018

15 April 2018 | Santee River South
Brooke Smith
Passage Passage - Santee South River to Harbor Walk Marina, Georgetown, SC
18 SM 3.2 Engine Hours
9:40 AM Underway
12:19 PM Docked port side to inside face dock

I chuckle every morning doing my engine room check before getting underway. Captain Ron on engine maintenance jumps to mind.

Excerpts from the movie “Captain Ron”

“”- It drips a lot of oil, doesn't it?

Cptn Ron- All diesels do that.

All diesels do that, honey.

Cptn Ron - Diesels love oil like a sailor loves rum.

- Yes! Why is that, Captain Ron?

Cptn Ron- Nobody knows.

We have to fill her up every morning.

It's a greasy job, but must be done.”””

Our 1979 original Lehman is still moving Liquid Therapy around. It leaks a bit of oil around the rocker cover and seeps other places. Not much and no where the amounts of oil of the boat in Captain Ron. But still I chuckle every time I check the oil in the morning.

We did have a nice anchorage in the Santee South River. But bad weather is forecasted for Sunday. So, we will be staying Saturday and Sunday night in Georgetown.

Soon after docking, our Canadian friends, Ron and Donna stopped by for lunch. It was good catching up with Ron and Donna. They are in the process of heading back to Ottawa. But not too fast as it might snow again up there. The name of their boat is NO-SNOW!
We will be leaving Monday for south Myrtle Beach and then Tuesday North Myrtle Beach. We have friends visiting there. And, Southport, NC and maybe Wrightsville Beach. We love company.

Today’s picture is our sunset at Santee South River Anchorage.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

13 April 2018 | Santee South River Anchorage
Brooke Smith
Passage Sea Pines - Port Royal Landing Marina
25 SM 4.4 Engine Hours
8:40 AM Underway
12:33 PM Docked port side face dock

And, as I call Port Royal Landing Marina for docking instructions I also hear a call from a boat named Grey Ghost. That boat is friends that we met in 2009 very soon after we bought our boat. Charlie and Mary Beth were just starting out on their first cruise after retirement and pulled into Deltaville Marina, where we kept Liquid Therapy. The last time we saw them was 2015 at PORT ROYAL MARINA. How weird is that that we would show up at the same marina together 3 years later? We got together for dinner at the back Porch Restaurant at the marina where we also had eaten with them those years ago.

The next day, Thursday, we both pulled out for a common anchorage.
Thursday, April 11, 2018
Passage Port Royal Landing Marina - Church Creek Anchorage
50 SM 8.3 Engine Hours
8:01 AM Underway
3:03 PM Anchored 32º42.53’N 80º10.92’W

We didn’t dingy over to each others boat as neither of us wanted to go through the trouble of launching our respective dinghy.

This morning, Friday, Grey Ghost left the anchorage before we did.
Friday, April 123, 2018
Passage Church Creek Anchorage - Santee South River
69 SM 10.9 Engine Hours
8:04 AM Underway
5:19 PM Anchored 33º09.33’N 79º19.94’W

We passed them about 3PM. They anchored early. We continued on to Santee River South for our anchorage. Charleston Harbor was overload with ships, and 264 sailboats in a race.

Friday the 13th, supposedly a bad luck day. And, I’m sure that’s why we ran aground today. First time I’ve gotten stuck and couldn’t get unstuck this entire trip. We have lightly touched a few times when I was suspecting we would. But today I got surprised. Very low tides and a boat wanted to pass. I pulled over to the right a bit for him to pass my port side. I had 3’ of water under the boat. Not much, but I only had about 5-6’ in the middle of the channel. The McClellanville area of the ICW is famous for having almost no water in the channel at low tide. We had scrapped bottom coming through here headed south at low tide. But at least today the tide was off low about two feet more than last time we came through. So, the guy going by me calls me on the radio to tell me he was from Virginia. That was enough of a distraction for me to venture too far to the right and RUN AGROUND. And, I couldn’t back off. The boat was pretty much parallel to the shoreline. My boat backs to starboard because propeller torque. So, reverse would have the effect of pulling my stern even further ashore. I tried various tricks but it looks Like we would be here until the tide would lift us free. At least the wind was trying to blow us into deeper water. A boat came by and his wake rocked to boat. That was a good sign. We were floating somewhat. The tides at 6 to 8’ along here. So, it would not take a very long time for the boat to rise out of the mud. The mud can cause another problem. If can block the water flow needed to cool the engine and exhaust. I kept the motor running and checked the exhaust flow. Everything was fine. The water pickup is high on the hull, so I didn’t feel we were gong to need to shut the motor down. A brief time later a trawler came by and his wake was enough to lift us off the mud briefly for the propeller to bite and get us moving again. YEA, we are back underway. I ran the engine back up to normal speed and check the temperature gauge to see if there is going to be an overheating issue. The temperature is good and I check the outflow of the exhaust and that is good as well. All is well as they say. We only lost 14 minutes. Pretty good for a grounding.

We are anchored in a very pretty river with nice grasslands all around. Headed to Georgetown, SC for Saturday and Sunday.

Today’s picture is a few of the sailboats in the race.

Monday, April 9, 2018

10 April 2018 | Harbour Town Yacht Basin
Brooke Smith
Passage Isle Of Hope Harbour Town Yacht Basin, Sea Pines, SC
27 SM 4.6 Engine Hours
8:19 AM Underway
12:15 PM Docked port side to stern in slip 28

Today we said goodby to Georgia when we crossed the Savannah River into South Carolina. It was another dreary weather day chilly but not like yesterday. I didn’t have to layer up to stay warm.

We had found more friends from Virginia were vacationing at Hilton Head. So, we decided to make a stop there for them to visit Liquid Therapy.

OK I’m not a golf guy. But I like to watch the Masters at Augusta, GA mainly for the azaleas. Augusta has beautiful azaleas. Well right after that they have a PGA tournament at Sea Pines. As we came into the harbor to the yacht basin I spied specter stands, TV camera crews and all the preparations being made for the 50th Heritage Golf Tournament. I was surprised they had available slips. Kind of pricy Hilton Head is in general. Our slip rent is $2.75 / ft here. Liquid Therapy is 36’ long and that equates to $99 per night to stay here. Compare that to $1.50 / ft at Sunbury $54 two nights ago. And then when you anchor out, THAT IS FREE! But wait there is more, starting Wednesday during the Heritage Tournament the rate goes to $14 / ft. 5 night minimum! That’s $504 / night x 5 night minimum = $2,520 to dock here during the tournament. Talk about price gouging! We will not be staying for the tournament.

Our friends from Richmond area, Bob and Carol-Ann and their family are staying on the island and have tickets for tournament. I don’t think I want to know what those tickets cost. There are road blocks keeping people out of the area where we are. Bob had some kind of pass to get his family to the marina for a tour and some refreshments and they came for a while. Some famous golfer and his caddy walked by and got on another boat. They couldn’t recall his name and I don’t know golf stars by sight. Our boat is docked right behind the famous Sea Pines Liberty Oak tree. In sight we have the WTOC TV tent. We saw an interview yesterday near the TV tent. So, it might get interesting around here. We decided to stay two days before moving north to Port Royal, SC. We will let you know if we actually have a famous person encounter.

Today’s picture is taken from our fly bridge. The picture is the Liberty Oak with the TV tent in the background.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

10 April 2018 | Isle Of Hope Marina
Brooke Smith
Passage Sunbury Crab Co - Isle Of Hope Marina
37 SM 6.0 Engine Hours
7:48 AM Underway
12:54 PM Docked port side to Isle Of Hope Marina

Another cold and rainy day. I almost put on shorts, but decided I should probably wear jeans as it was chilly and damp. It was 45º damp with misty rain from time to time. It certainly was not a shorts day.

After getting underway I got colder. I drank coffee and also held the cup to keep my fingers warm. I finally pulled my wind pants over my jeans and wind breaker over my fleece jacket. I was finally staying warm. To me, damp 45º is a cold that penetrates you more than below freezing temperatures.

Our passage took us down the Medway River to St. Catherines sound, the Ogeechee River, Hell Gate, Vernon River, Burnside River and finally Skidaway Narrows to Isle Of Hope. At every one of these junctions current change -sometimes with you and sometimes against you. Today the currents were mostly with us. Lots of turns today. You have to be on top of your game in Georgia as the ICW is shoaled in many places.

WE planned an early arrival at Isle Of Hope as we were having guests come from Columbia, SC and Spring Island, SC. Joan & Bob and Lindsey & Jim are all lifelong friends from Susan’s hometown of Lynchburg, Va.

Lindsey & Jim have stayed aboard Liquid Therapy. But Joan & Bob had never seen the boat and our home for the last 6 months. They arrived and I gave Bob & Jim the bridge tour while Susan showed the girls the living quarters. We all chatted a while and then Lindsey drove us to a nice nearby restaurant. More great LOCAL seafood was eaten by all! It was fun seeing all of these old friends and getting a car ride too. Isle Of Hope is one of the most beautiful places we stop with beautiful homes and large live oak trees. And of course Spanish moss.

Today’s picture is the main street at Isle Of Hope
Hailing Port: DELTAVILLE, VA
Extra: Headed south fall 2017 to Miami and then the Bahamas
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