Sailing with the Andersons

17 May 2015 | Great Barrier Reef
15 May 2015 | Yulara, Australia
10 May 2015 | Dingo Fence North of Coober Pedy
06 May 2015 | Coober Pedy, Australia
30 April 2015 | Melbourne, Australia
29 April 2015 | Sydney Harbor, Australia
13 November 2014 | Coral Sea
02 October 2014 | Tanna Island, Vanuatu
28 September 2014 | Mamanuca's, Fiji
25 August 2014 | South Pacific Ocean
12 August 2014 | Kandavu
05 August 2014 | Suva, Fiji
04 August 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga), Fiji
03 August 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga), Fiji
22 July 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga), Fiji
20 July 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga), Fiji
18 July 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga), Fiji
17 July 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga), Fiji
16 July 2014 | Fulaga (Vulaga)

On to Acapulco

26 January 2011 | Acapulco, Mexico & Ghost Ships!!!
Lisa Anderson
Ben's 73lb BIG fish!!!
January 26, 2011

On to Acapulco
With the water maker installed we bid farewell to Ixtapa and made an 18 hour passage to Acapulco. We always feel sad saying goodbye to the people and places that we've stayed for more than a few weeks, however it does feel good arriving in a new area to be explored. We've been warned fervently about Acapulco. Drug cartel, mafia, dirty, crowded. Yeah...I'm sure it's all that. But, it's also cool, old, and bustling. Floating on our mooring ball in the evenings is like sitting in a bowl of diamonds, with all of the twinkling lights. This is the first place since I can remember that we have not been eaten alive by mosquitoes and no-seeums, and actually can sit out at night. We have become very close with two gentlemen that over see some of the mooring balls in this anchorage, Hugo and Alex. They have taken a particular liking to Ben and his passion for fishing. On a deep sea fishing trip he took with them today he got to help pull in his first sailfish! Alex and Hugo have also been helpful in...yes folks...more repairs on our boat. I're shocked! We just had a little engine problem several hours out of Ixtapa, well okay...the engine actually stopped...and we just drifted for awhile (no wind), but my amazing husband fixed it, at least enough for us to move on safely. Oh yeah, and when the generator also decides to stop working, well then you have problems with such things as power, refrigeration, not being able to run the new water maker etc... and so the saga continues!
A very wise woman recently told me how she thought that this new journey in Larry's life, meaning water, was the perfect compliment to his career in fire. Hmmm...thank you for that Margalit. I think you are right. I'm glad I get to come along for the ride!

Now the Ghost Ship part: If you look on Google Earth you at the Lat/Long shown above you can see the "Ghost Ships" on the bottom of the harbor.
Vessel Name: Lisa Kay
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 55 Cutter Rigged Sloop
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Larry, Lisa & Ben
Welcome to The Lisa Kay! We have planned to purchase a sailboat and cruise the world’s oceans for over 15 years. We just didn’t know how, what, when or where. [...]
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