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Review: Marina Papagayo

22 September 2011 | Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica
Ben Anderson
Our boat is in the center of this shot!
September 27, 2011

Editors note: This post was something that Ben wanted to write totally on his own. It wasn't supposed to be part of a school assignment (although it is now). Everyday he would say how much he loves it here. So he decided to write this article. We stood back and here it is!

Costa Rica, Marina Papagayo Review
I recommend going to Marina Papagayo for many different reasons. Because of the great snorkeling close by, local surfing, and the exotic fish swimming around, this marina has been such a joy to be docked in. Some of the fish you might see swimming in the marina are Rooster Fish, Mahi Mahi, and Bonita. The best part however, is the nice people.

There is a pool, gym, laundry, plus a ship store. The docks are nice and wide, with a pump out service that is free (they even flush your holding tank with fresh water which my mom loves!), potable water, power, and cable TV. There is also a fuel dock with gas and diesel. There is a concierge, Jesse and Raquel, that will help you with anything that you need.

I recommend renting a car because it is a great way to see the good in Costa Rica. If you are a big time surfer then I recommend for you to go to Tamarindo. If you go, I would go at an incoming tide. It is perfect for both short and long boarding, and great for learners. Surfing lessons and board rentals are available. If you fish or have a sport fishing boat then come here because there is plenty of fish. Sadly you can't fish in the marina. The best grocery store is called Auto Mercado located in Cocos, plus there is the greatest Ice cream shop there that I have ever been to in my whole entire life!
If you live on a yacht the dock is big enough because the boat Sea Wolf, which is 193 feet, fit just right on the outside dock. If you are one of those exercise people there is a hill that you can either run or walk up if you have a lot of energy. It has monkeys in some of the trees, but you have to have a good eye to see these funny creatures. There are lots of snakes that you don't go near if you see one. If you need any hardware, then there is a place called the Do It Center about a 20 minute drive up the road and they have all the tools you need to ''do it''.

There is also a great doctor and dentist across from the Do It Center. If you need more lewers you can either go to the marina's ship store or to Cocos to a store called Berbone, and you can get a collapsible casting pole for $20.00. I know you don't like to cook a lot, so you can go to the Dive Bar and meet Johnson, Adrian, Luis, Tony, and the cooks. They have become really great friends of mine and they are really nice. The dock master Dan is very nice also, and will tell you the best places to go if you are in need of supplies or fun.

If you need to check in to Costa Rica at the marina, you can by hiring an agent. This made the whole entire process a lot easier and was worth the small amount of extra money. If you are a big time picture freak then there is sometimes a view of a fantastic lightning show. My dad has gotten some great shots and so have I! Don't worry about getting struck by lightning because we have been here almost 4 months, but sometimes I do recommend putting the electronics in the oven if you feel like you are in danger.

I normally like every marina that I am in, but this one is different. I love it and I hope you can come experience some of the things that we have to! For more information about this marina see Marina Papagayo I will post pictures on my web site listed below and I think that you will like them.

Written by Ben Anderson, age 11, S/V Lisa Kay, Tayana 55, live-aboard since July 2009.
I can be reached by my family web site Sailing with the Andersons

Our pictures of Marina Papagayo are in the Photo Gallery under Bens Gallery Costa Rica!
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