Living Well Sailing

11 March 2016 | Sisters Creek, Marathon, FL
26 February 2016 | Rodriguez Key
23 February 2016 | Dinner Key, Miami, FL
08 February 2016 | Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas
04 February 2016 | Volleyball Beach, Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas
29 January 2016 | Little Farmers Cay
24 January 2016 | Pipe Creek, still
23 January 2016 | Pipe Creek near Rat Cay and the Mice
18 January 2016 | Pipe Creek by Over Yonder
12 January 2016
02 January 2016 | Bimini Bahamas
31 December 2015
25 December 2015 | Sisters Creek
17 February 2014
20 January 2014
11 January 2014 | Marathon, Fl
24 October 2013 | CHBS
22 September 2013 | Bloomington, In
07 April 2013 | Charlotte Harbor, Florida
31 March 2013 | Marathon and Ft Myers


17 January 2013
We have been very busy this week thinking we would leave Marathon on Thursday (today). However, Mother Nature had different plans. Steve has been busy putting a solar panel above the bimini on the aft deck. I have been doing the provisioning. We made contact with our friend Michael J Brennen who is on his boat JULIANNE down in KeyWest. We met him last year through Brian and Lynn (they met him in Virginia 7 years ago). He drove up to have diner with all of us on Tuesday and we went to Sparky's for 25 cent fresh peel and eat shrimp and wings. Then since he had a car, we ran errands to the far ends of the island. We really enjoy his company and his sense of humor.
People ask us what we do all day on the boat. The following is what we did on Wednesday:
6:00 Steve was up making coffee
6:30 Ma up for coffee and breakfast
7:00 gathered laundry, let down dinghy, loaded dinghy
8:30 left the boat for marina
8:45 Ma started laundry. Steve went after stainless steel bow arch (2 miles each way).
11:30 3 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, packed in dinghy. Steve took things back to LIVING WELL and delivered them to the saloon (yes the spelling is correct, but pronounce it salon).
11:40 Ma walked to shopping area (1 mile+) did some shopping on the way.
1:30 Ma lunch @ McDonalds
2:00 Ma grocery shopping @ Public's
4:00 Ma cab back to marina w/ groceries, unpacked from cab to cart to dinghy. (Steve was there waiting to help). Then back to the boat.
4:15 Steve and Ma unloaded groceries from dinghy to boat then up top and down ladder to saloon. Steve had been working on the bow and solar panel and he had tools scattered EVERYWHERE! (along with the clean laundry that came back earlier).
4:25 Unpack and put groceries away, clean and organize cabin, make bed, take a breath, (Maybe even a quick nap). Answer call from Brian and Lynn.
5:30 Grab shower bags, dinghy into marina (in the rain) find an empty shower (12 to choose from), shower, walk to Hurricane for dinner. (1/4 mile).
6:00 dinner with Brian and Lynn
7:00 walk back to the marina (another1/4 mile)
7:15 dinghy back to LIVING WELL
8:OO BACK ON BOARD FOR THE NIGHT . Hoist dinghy up. Read, tinker, talk, play on computer, etc.
9:00 Lights out! (9:00 IS the sailors midnight) GOOD NIGHT1
Vessel Name: Living Well
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 42' CC Sloop
Hailing Port: Bloomington, IN USA
Crew: Cpt. Steve & Admiral Mary Ann
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Who: Cpt. Steve & Admiral Mary Ann
Port: Bloomington, IN USA