Race Lochaber

05 September 2012 | Lake Superior & Back Over One Month
04 July 2012 | Milwaukee to S. Haven
26 November 2011 | Lake Michigan
22 June 2011 | OFF MUSKEGON
09 June 2011 | MUSKEGON
22 May 2011 | Still on the Damn Hard, Muskegon
04 May 2011
31 March 2011 | Muskegon
22 March 2011 | Offshore Beam Reach To Pt. Wash
22 March 2011 | On the Hard in Muskegon


05 September 2012 | Lake Superior & Back Over One Month
Crew members Julie, Randy, Jake, Tammy and Steve helped deliver Lochaber up to DeTour, up St. Mary's River to Whitefish Point, then on to Grand Marais, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Island and her fantastic anchorages for a great voyage this summer. The voyage included passages up and back to wilderness Michipecotin and Caribou Islands, and other Canadian N. Shore anchorages. Lochaber dropped anchor at Caribou Island, Brule Point's amazing Inner Harbor and at Gargantua, and she cruised down the Tug Channel past Devil's Chair Island and across Old Woman Bay. All spectacular Superior scenery. Enjoy the photos! First one is The Big Girl at anchor in the lee of Caribou Island at sunset: Jake Tracy Photo.


04 July 2012 | Milwaukee to S. Haven
Damn good weather!
Great crew, good sails and good weather (almost never enough wind) highlighted the annual overnight Queens Cup dance between Milwaukee and Michigan. This's year's crew: Jake, Noah, Adam, Jack, Wisconsin John, Marvin & Dixon: Fish supplied shore patrol support as usual, and Paul K. helped Big Time with delivery home (and brought the ladies aboard!) This year's race finish: S. Haven (longer race than the previous 2-3 by about 10 miles). Next year: Milwaukee to Ludington, 75th running of The Queens! Arghh! (Click on "Photo Gallery" at right, then Queens Cup 2012, to see photos).


26 November 2011 | Lake Michigan
There be storm monsters in this race!
Started fast & finished: Lochaber and a crew of 9 -- from Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, survived the historic Mac Storm of 2011 and managed to finish this historic race. No one was sick or injured, only a few items damaged or lost and a good time had by all. In spite of the sadness that saw this race and the Lake, for the first time ever, lose two sailors to a storm. See Mac Race 2011 Photo Album. Those photos by Dixon or Wisconsin John C.


22 June 2011 | OFF MUSKEGON
Several Mac Crew members suited up The Big Girl with some of her new wardrobe earlier this month, specifically: New A3 Reacher and new bomb-proof 90%+ Kevlar-Technora heavy-air genoa, which is stiff as a board and flaunts four battens, no less. Can we point in heavy air now? You betcha!


09 June 2011 | MUSKEGON
Finally! Lochaber gets wet Friday, June 3, at Torresen Marine for a season of racing, cruising and mooring ball testing. Partial Mac and Tripp/Queens Cup race crew due for shakedown sailing this weekend. Still, there are projects to be completed: sails to be hanked on, mast collar to be sealed, junk to be loaded and off-loaded. But -- at last -- some SAILING!

Bottom's Up/Stage Two

22 May 2011 | Still on the Damn Hard, Muskegon
After two weeks of sanding, filling, fairing, sanding, filling, fairing (see bad weather), Lochaber FINALLY got her first two layers of Interprotect 2000e Barrier Coat. Friday and Saturday (5/20 and 5/21). First grey, then white. Next week, hopefully (see weather) she'll get 2-3 more, the final one coming after she's moved on her cradle so the spots under the pads can be sanded (read remove ALL old blue paint), faired, etc. We've been focusing on the first 2/5ths of the bottom, but not ignoring all little pock marks (sand, fill and make fair), as this is where she parts the waves and builds speed (See Lochaber, the Fair Land Where Magical Waters Flow Over, Aye!). With any luck (see weather) and some help (Guys, we're almost there!), The Big Girl will have all of here bottom makeover finished by the end of Memorial Day Weekend and ready for launch June 3, 10 a.m. She may slip at Torresen's for a week post-launch while she's rigged and electrical work is completed. Stay tuned on that.

Special thanks to all who have contributed -- either via CA$H or sweat equity -- to this year's arduous commissioning!
Vessel Name: Lochaber
Vessel Make/Model: 1973 Tartan 41 Tall Rig, Deep Keel: Hull No. 17
Hailing Port: Muskegon, Michigan
Crew: Julie, Adam, Chris, Noah, Jake, Kent, John, Marv
About: Scoundrals everyone of 'em
Extra: Lochaber and crew are wrapping up our 5th season on the Great Lakes, racing and cruising. Highlights include Queens Cup and month-long cruise up to Lake Superior and back.
Lochaber's Photos - Main
9 Photos
Created 6 September 2012
Annual Race from Milwaukee to Michigan. Crew: Noah, Jake, Wisconsin John, Adam, Jack, Marv, Dixon
14 Photos
Created 4 July 2012
Annual Race from Chicago to Mackinac Island, 2011. Lochaber -- a while back under different names -- at one point sailed this race 10 years in a row. Dixon & Crew brought her "out of retirement" last summer to join the mad dash once again ... A great race; great crew!
11 Photos
Created 26 November 2011
Wonderful places Lochaber has tied up or dropped her hook over the past four years. Enjoy!
18 Photos
Created 25 November 2011
New A3 Reacher goes up on Lochaber's new sprit; Kevlar No. 4 turns out to be as big as a No. 3, so ... Hold on!
3 Photos
Created 22 June 2011
4 Photos
Created 9 June 2011
Mike Muskovin works ahead of Dixon before second layer (white) of barrier coat paint goes on Saturday, May 21.
3 Photos
Created 22 May 2011
Complete Bottom Job, 2011
3 Photos
Created 4 May 2011
Here are some photos of other Classic Plastic Tartan 41s. And a few links:
7 Photos
Created 24 March 2011
Who's who among Lochaber's drivers, trimmers and all-around scalawags.
8 Photos
Created 22 March 2011
Dixon's first race as Lochaber's skipper-owner. Former owner Mike Jones (black shirt, sunglasses) joined us as "Skipper Emeritus" and showed us what it takes to get The Big Girl to get up and go.
7 Photos
Created 22 March 2011
Race through the night with 200+ other boats, toying with 10 knots: Doesn't get any better than this!
5 Photos
Created 22 March 2011

Tartan 41 Lochaber

Who: Julie, Adam, Chris, Noah, Jake, Kent, John, Marv
Port: Muskegon, Michigan