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05 October 2007 | LaPaz
01 October 2007 | LaPaz Mexico
24 August 2007 | LaPaz
27 April 2007 | LaPaz Mexico
13 January 2007 | Biah de Muertos
10 January 2007 | Cabo San Lucas
06 January 2007 | Turtle Bay
03 January 2007 | Encenada, Mexico
23 December 2006 | L.A.
06 December 2006 | Leaving San Francisco
21 November 2006 | San Francisco
17 November 2006 | Transit
14 November 2006 | 40 48'N:124 10'W
28 October 2006
30 September 2006 | Cressent City
15 September 2006 | Washington Coast
13 September 2006 | Washington Coast
12 September 2006 | Neah Bay
10 September 2006 | Port Townsend
09 September 2006 | Seattle

The Deep

13 September 2006 | Washington Coast
KC Longly
About noon, the fog started to clear and we finally had wind! We hoisted sail and killed the motor. Finally in the Pacific and under sail! Though I had a few apprehensions toward Cape Flattery, we rounded it just fine and made decent time toward Grays Harbor. We sailed all day and well into the night. The seas had picked up quite a bit by this time, making for a rougher ride. Every one seemed to do well, for the most part though. Late in the afternoon Lion's Paw caught up to us and we sailed in tandem till reaching the Grays Harbor Bar at 0400. Crossing the bar was interesting. We made it safely, however I can say it is a little nervewracking to see breaking surf, in the moonlight, just a few hundred feet from our beam. Shortly after arriving in Gray's Harbor, a weather front moved in and found ourselves waiting for weather, not knowing when we were going to be able to leave. We were planning on having crew change out in Astoria. Kendra was going to head back home to Seattle from there and my dad was going to join us and travel to San Fransisco. Everything was working well, according to our plans, accept for the weather. While waiting in Gray's Harbor, we checked out a few of the local scene's, however most everything was shut down for the season. The Hawaiian Chieftan was in port, and Mandy and I caught up with Mike, who was working on board. Mike was the Chief Mate aboard the Lady Washington, more then a year earlier, during Mandy and my wedding. It was a perfect wedding, and we enjoyed catching up with Mike and introducing him to our new daughter. In the meantime weather still was not cooporating and we started looking for alternatives to getting Kendra home. We tried making our exit on the 13th, however the bar was not passable. On the morning of the 14th we had a small break in the weather and headed out.
Vessel Name: Boreas
Vessel Make/Model: 36 Pearson
Hailing Port: Alaska
Crew: KC Longly
About: Mandy Longly Vianne Longly Rian Brooks
Extra: Living the sailing dream on our way around the world!
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