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05 October 2007 | LaPaz
01 October 2007 | LaPaz Mexico
24 August 2007 | LaPaz
27 April 2007 | LaPaz Mexico
13 January 2007 | Biah de Muertos
10 January 2007 | Cabo San Lucas
06 January 2007 | Turtle Bay
03 January 2007 | Encenada, Mexico
23 December 2006 | L.A.
06 December 2006 | Leaving San Francisco
21 November 2006 | San Francisco
17 November 2006 | Transit
14 November 2006 | 40 48'N:124 10'W
28 October 2006
30 September 2006 | Cressent City
15 September 2006 | Washington Coast
13 September 2006 | Washington Coast
12 September 2006 | Neah Bay
10 September 2006 | Port Townsend
09 September 2006 | Seattle

The Bird Cage

30 September 2006 | Cressent City
KC Longly
From Astoria we sailed to Crescent City, where Boreas is still sitting. Upon arrival to Crescent City, we realized that the lower rudder boot on Boreas was worn. I dove on the hull to see that the rudder was shifting about a quarter inch left and right. Mandy, Ryan, Dad and I talked over the options and realized that it would be a whole lot more affordable to pull the boat here then further down the coast. We decided to wait here with Boreas and try to make arrangements to have the rudder repaired.
Scott and Jackie Warren along with their kids Clair, Joe, Kelly and Connor, whom we met in Astoria, arrived in Crescent City within a couple days. They had made their way from Seward Alaska aboard Sissauni, a 42ft Beneteau. After several thousand miles the girls had decided that it would be fun to take a road trip on land for a change. At the same time Scott and Jackie felt it would be a good opportunity for me to sail with them. This worked out well for us in that dad and I would travel south with the boys on Sissauni, dropping dad off in San Francisco, and then I would continue on to San Diego. Mandy, Vianne and Ryan would stay in Crescent City working on minor repairs and waiting until I returned.
Between Crescent City and San Francisco, we had no wind to speak of. With overcast skies, and nothing to look at, we were simply making a transit. In the meantime we took the opportunity to practice navigation and radar technique. Finally arriving in San Francisco, we had just enough wind to hoist sail and sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a great moment seeing my dad at the helm sailing into the bay. It had been our goal for dad to travel with us between Astoria and San Francisco. Though it was not all aboard Boreas, it was good to have that small sense of accomplishment. As a son, it was a great joy watching my dad fulfill an old dream of bringing a boat under the Golden Gate. Dad needed to fly out the following day, and we said our goodbyes.
Weather was good once we left San Francisco. Wind improved and we had a great trip, sailing Sissauni with just the boys. We stayed one night at Santa Cruz Island and visited the Painted Caves; one of the largest ocean caves in the world. I'm planning on taking Mandy and Ryan back to that spot and get pictures! After making our way into San Diego Harbor, we checked in at the police dock and met up with Jackie and the girls. After debriefing the transit with the Crew on Sissauni, I found a flight and made arrangements to return the next day. Eight days after leaving Crescent City I returned to my loving wife and daughter, and Ryan.
We were hopping to have the boat pulled by this time, however due to a lack of jack stands we were unable to. Instead, Ryan flew back to Alaska for work and we stayed behind, continuing to work on the boat and wait for Ryan's return.
Vessel Name: Boreas
Vessel Make/Model: 36 Pearson
Hailing Port: Alaska
Crew: KC Longly
About: Mandy Longly Vianne Longly Rian Brooks
Extra: Living the sailing dream on our way around the world!
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