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05 October 2007 | LaPaz
01 October 2007 | LaPaz Mexico
24 August 2007 | LaPaz
27 April 2007 | LaPaz Mexico
13 January 2007 | Biah de Muertos
10 January 2007 | Cabo San Lucas
06 January 2007 | Turtle Bay
03 January 2007 | Encenada, Mexico
23 December 2006 | L.A.
06 December 2006 | Leaving San Francisco
21 November 2006 | San Francisco
17 November 2006 | Transit
14 November 2006 | 40 48'N:124 10'W
28 October 2006
30 September 2006 | Cressent City
15 September 2006 | Washington Coast
13 September 2006 | Washington Coast
12 September 2006 | Neah Bay
10 September 2006 | Port Townsend
09 September 2006 | Seattle

Escape from L.A.

23 December 2006 | L.A.
Weather always seems to have a way of changing one's mind! After departing Half Moon Bay, we sailed for about 24 hours when we were hit by a nasty Southerly, that we simply could not make way in. We sailed with a double-reefed main and jib and headed for Monterey Bay. Staying there for five days we met a wonderful couple Jay and Kelly with their two kids Riley and Liam. They were very kind to lend us their car, which we used to make a Costco run stocking the boat with enough provisions to make it to Mexico. Jay and Kelly had cruised Baha for several seasons (before children) and are getting ready to start cruising once again. We hope to see them on the open seas some day soon. Since the weather held us in Monterey we decided to see the sites. Starting with a great little pub that had WiFi just at the top of the ramp. We did take Vianne to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Although I thought, it would be a trip for "mom" and "dad" I was surprised how much our eight month old was enjoying the different tanks, especially the half-sphere, windows, set inside the tanks. She could practically climb around inside those bubbles. Ryan's Dad and sister also visited us shortly before they headed off to Hawaii for the winter.
Feeling pressure to get south, we decided to brave the weather. Trying to cruise on the West Coast of the U.S. is not only expensive, it's "expensive!" Once the wind shifted out of the North, we set sail again. This time, we were hit by a blow from the North. Off Pt. Conception the wind blew ~40kts with 15ft seas. Running down wind with full sail, we all took turns at the helm battling the waves. About dark we rounded Pt. Conception, sailed directly North and tucked into a small cove which offered a break from the weather. In the morning we woke to see surfers on the beach, and wishing for surfboards of our own. Instead, we headed for LA.
Sending Ryan off to catch a plane to Albuquerque for the holidays, we left LA as quickly as we could. Seeing our progress increase with good Southerly momentum, we didn't want to stall (afraid that it might be another 20 days before we left port). So, with decent wind and currents to help us along we set off, one crewmember lighter. Merry Christmas Ry, we will see you after the holiday.
We had a good run to San Diego. In the Morning, on our approach to San Diego we encountered a small thunderstorm. Fortunately it stayed south of us. However, it was still close enough for me to see lightning strike the water. Just a little scary.
While here in San Diego we have been making repairs to the engine, and getting the last few things done that we need prior to crossing the border. We are planning on breaking free on Saturday the 23rd, hoping to be in Ensenada, Mexico for Christmas on Monday.
Vessel Name: Boreas
Vessel Make/Model: 36 Pearson
Hailing Port: Alaska
Crew: KC Longly
About: Mandy Longly Vianne Longly Rian Brooks
Extra: Living the sailing dream on our way around the world!
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