It's a Long Shot II

43ft Hans Christian Ketch

Vessel Name: Long Shot II
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian 43T Ketch
Hailing Port: Victoria, BC
Crew: Doug & Susan Pickrell
About: Motley bunch includes Charlie, Riley & Saylor.
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05 June 2014
31 May 2014
01 October 2013
10 September 2013 | Victoria
31 August 2013 | Deep Bay
28 August 2013 | Salish Sea
20 August 2013 | Oak Bay Marina
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07 August 2013 | Oak Bay Marina
05 August 2013 | Downtown Victoria
03 August 2013 | Ship's Point Wharf
03 August 2013 | Juan de Fuca Strait
02 August 2013 | Day 18 Hawai'i to Victoria
31 July 2013 | Day 17 Hawai'i to Victoria
31 July 2013 | Day 16 Hawai'i to Victoria
28 July 2013 | Day 14 to Victoria
24 July 2013 | Day 9 to Victoria
22 July 2013 | Day 7 from Hawaii
18 July 2013 | Day 3 from Hawaii
15 July 2013 | One Day Out Of Kauai
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05 June 2014

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31 May 2014

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01 October 2013

Hustle & Bustle

For those of you who won't give up reading - c'mon, it's all boring now :)

10 September 2013 | Victoria

Back To Work

Doug and I enjoyed our last week of freedom while the kids got settled into their new routine at school. Saylor was pretty freaked at the idea that her parents would be going back to work soon and she might have to go with strangers to school. After three days with our new neighbours walking with us, [...]

31 August 2013 | Deep Bay

Great Time

Nice sail up the Strait but not near enough wind to really get going so it was a bit of a motor. Good to see Roger and hear the turmoil of the America's Cup and Oracle caught cheating. They'll be in for more turmoil when those crazy Kiwis make landfall in San Fran! We continued North and couldn't [...]

28 August 2013 | Salish Sea

At Sea Again

Hard to break the habit of blogging once we are out on the water so had to post something even if no one is reading anymore. We have fit right back in to life ashore although both Doug & I haven't started work yet. We've been busy getting the house back in order which should have been easy except [...]

Sweet Raro

10 May 2013
We have quite enjoyed looking at the magnificent backdrop we have before us here in Avatiu: massive big mountain tops covered in dense trees. Makes you think that this is what NZ would have looked like before the sheep arrived. There are many similarities to NZ as the people who left Rarotonga settled in NZ hundreds of years ago. The language spoken here is the same as Maori, at least the two words we know are. We spend half the day working on the boat and the other half touring. It's definitely a tourist town and riding the bus is not the cultural experience you get on other Polynesian islands - it's all tourists. You can either go clockwise or counter-clockwise and before you know it, you've been all the way around the island. There are 3 or 4 mopeds for every person on the island so our boys are beside themselves with envy as they aren't old enough to drive. There is a reef ringing the island which creates a lagoon all the way around where the fish are in abundance. It reminds us of Barbados on the south coast. The kids ask us why everything reminds us of Barbados - funny.

We were wandering past a veterans cemetery when Riley noticed Tom Neale's grave. He lived on the tiny atoll of Suwarrow NW of here. He lived there a couple of times for many years, all by himself, and wrote a book about it (An Island to Oneself). What I found interesting is he looks a great deal like Charles James Neale, my grandfather. Sounds like a research job for Owen and Uncle Ted!

There are five metre seas coming our way so I'm ready to get going and Doug's digging in his heels. Not sure who is going to win. He bought his first case of beer yesterday so maybe I'll be able to convince him to let go the lines. The sailing tall ship Picton Castle is coming in so we have to move over. She sounds like she's a beauty. Just so Long Shot II isn't outdone, I'll have to get going on the varnish replacing all that ended up ripping off on the last passage!
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Sports Fishing
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We will leave for Canada soon
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Our last full month in NZ
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Gigi and Pops time on the boat
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During the Big Blow
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Beautiful islands of Upolu and Savai'i
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Apia, Samoa where this has to be your next festival to attend!
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American Samoa
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The catches on the way to American Samoa
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Northern Cook Island
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Enroute Penrhyn from Fanning
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This island has the most beautiful people who may live the simple life but they live it well.
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Arrival in the Big Hawaii
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Here are some pics of our transit to Hawaii
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We are loading a little boat for 15 months and emptying our house!
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