Lorelei on the seas

16 July 2010 | RAM Marina, El Relleno, Guatemala
24 June 2010 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
06 May 2010 | La Ceiba, Honduras
20 April 2010 | San Pedro, Ambergris Cay
10 April 2010 | Quintana Roo, Mexico
17 February 2010 | Isla Mujeres
06 February 2010 | La Ceiba, Honduras
24 December 2009 | Roatan, Honduras
13 December 2009 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
09 November 2009 | Guatemala
04 November 2009 | Livingston, Guatemala
16 October 2009 | Lago Izabal, Guatemala
26 September 2009 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Hauled out

16 July 2010 | RAM Marina, El Relleno, Guatemala
Patty - typical rainy season!
We hauled out on Monday at RAM Marina, to take a look at the Cutless bearing and do a bottom job (also a survey for our insurance company.)

Our friend Bill, on Wandering Star offered to bring the bearing back to the Rio with him (he was driving down from Texas.) Unfortunately, we discovered that not only does this boat have a shaft sleeve, but the bearing we ordered is the incorrect size. When we looked at the old bearing, it was very apparent that it had NEVER been changed (it's a 31 year old boat!) The correct size is coming soon with our marina's owner (in the States now), and we're taking our time with the bottom job (patching, epoxy) and polishing the freeboard.

Lorelei is having a beauty make-over!

While up here in the nosebleed section of town, one of the other boats in the yard took a direct lightning strike. It blew a few exit holes through the hull and fried the transducer, also left scorch marks on the nice, new paint job. It's this owner's first boat!

Our dogs LOVE being here in the yard. They can run and play (we have to haul them up and down the ladder) during the day. It will be tough for them to be back on the water, after this.
Vessel Name: Lorelei
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Endeavour 43' Ketch
Hailing Port: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Crew: Gary B. Waid and Patricia S. Harmon-Waid
About: Gary B. Waid - Captain Patricia S. Harmon-Waid - 1st Mate
Extra: Pearl the beautiful princess and Bodee the wonderdog as our crew


Who: Gary B. Waid and Patricia S. Harmon-Waid
Port: Cape Canaveral, Florida