Lorelei on the seas

16 July 2010 | RAM Marina, El Relleno, Guatemala
24 June 2010 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
06 May 2010 | La Ceiba, Honduras
20 April 2010 | San Pedro, Ambergris Cay
10 April 2010 | Quintana Roo, Mexico
17 February 2010 | Isla Mujeres
06 February 2010 | La Ceiba, Honduras
24 December 2009 | Roatan, Honduras
13 December 2009 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
09 November 2009 | Guatemala
04 November 2009 | Livingston, Guatemala
16 October 2009 | Lago Izabal, Guatemala
26 September 2009 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Hauled out

16 July 2010 | RAM Marina, El Relleno, Guatemala
Patty - typical rainy season!
We hauled out on Monday at RAM Marina, to take a look at the Cutless bearing and do a bottom job (also a survey for our insurance company.)

Our friend Bill, on Wandering Star offered to bring the bearing back to the Rio with him (he was driving down from Texas.) Unfortunately, we discovered that not only does this boat have a shaft sleeve, but the bearing we ordered is the incorrect size. When we looked at the old bearing, it was very apparent that it had NEVER been changed (it's a 31 year old boat!) The correct size is coming soon with our marina's owner (in the States now), and we're taking our time with the bottom job (patching, epoxy) and polishing the freeboard.

Lorelei is having a beauty make-over!

While up here in the nosebleed section of town, one of the other boats in the yard took a direct lightning strike. It blew a few exit holes through the hull and fried the transducer, also left scorch marks on the nice, new paint job. It's this owner's first boat!

Our dogs LOVE being here in the yard. They can run and play (we have to haul them up and down the ladder) during the day. It will be tough for them to be back on the water, after this.

Back in the Rio again

24 June 2010 | Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Out 10th time over the "Bar" (dead low, ripping tide) on Monday. Cleared in about 40 minutes after we anchored, then on our way up the river. We anchored just off of Mario's Marina for 2 days. Gary dove on the hull to scrape off some of the La Ceiba "growth", and noticed that our shaft was moving a little too much. Hmmm. We had a local boater (who is also an expert on this type of stuff) check it out, and yes, our cutless bearing is on its way out.

SOOO. We've got a cutless bearing ordered and on the way with one of our Rio friends, who will be returning from Texas (hopefully) sometime next week.

In the meantime, our 3 year old dinghy has sprouted so many leaks that we're having trouble keeping up with it! Gary put in a plywood floor and patched what he could. 2 days ago, we were headed for town when the transom separated and we almost lost the motor. Not good. Shows what can happen when rubber, glue, salt, heat and tropical sun get put together.

For the time being, until our parts come in, we'll be anchored in "Shell Bay." Once we get the boat hauled, fixed and bottomized, we'll be able to traipse to and fro on the beautiful Rio!

Lagoon Marina

06 May 2010 | La Ceiba, Honduras
Patty/sunny and warm
We cleared out of Belize at Big Creek on April 30th, pulled anchor from Placencia and motored/sailed toward our destination of La Ceiba. The wind caught up to us, and we had a marvelous sail until we had to duck into Puerto Cortes to get out of the 30kt wind and 9' breakers. Puerto Cortes turned out to be a great overnight anchorage - good holding, not too much surge. Next morning we set out for Punta Sal.

Punta Sal is a nice, secluded anchorage on the northern coast of Honduras. We were the only boat in the lagoon for a while, and were pleased to see that the trash on the beach was not as bad this time. We also got a chance to explore the nature path, taking us out to the research areas. Along the way, spotted several monkeys in the trees, and Pearl tried to chase one into the jungle!

Our next leg took us from the turbid waters of Punta Sal to La Ceiba. About 2 hours after lifting anchor, Gary caught and fought a big Wahoo. Took about an hour to get it in, and the steaks it provided were doled out to our friends and neighbors here at Lagoon Marina.

We're very glad to be out of the intense heat and sticky salt of Belize. The mountains right here at our doorstep offer nice breezes. This part of Honduras has been good to us in the past. We like the marina, we like the city and the people here. I've been busy cleaning the salt and rust stains off our deck and brightwork.

We'll be here for about a month, then on to Guatemala.

Entering Belize

20 April 2010 | San Pedro, Ambergris Cay
Patty/scattered clouds & breezy
After a few tense days in Bahia Espiritu Santo and Bahia de la Resureccion, we finally anchored in Xcalak, the southernmost point of entry/exit in the Mexican Caribbean. Check out was painless and inexpensive. I sweated entry to Belize, from all the stuff I'd read in Raucher's guide and heard from other cruisers. But we didn't need a half of the documents called for, only spent about $35 US to clear in!!!! Only one official came aboard and did a cursory peek into some of the lockers. A lot of the soundings and waypoints are off (grounded 2x where we should have had good clearance.) Will spend a few days here, then move further south. Our prime objective is to get to La Ceiba, Honduras, before 12 May.

Caught 2 schoolies (dorado) and a nice red snapper right off the Chinchorro Bank! Pictures, details and more input to follow!

Puerto Morelos

10 April 2010 | Quintana Roo, Mexico
Patty/scattered clouds
Whew! We pulled anchor in Isla Mujeres about 06:30 MDST, only to smell something not right coming from the engine compartment/galley. Circled once around the anchorage (our "parade lap"), then could not find the source or any further offensive burning odor. We motored out of Isla Mujeres and south toward the tip of Cancun. At 09:30 we caught a pretty good sized barracuda, but nothing else was biting. The wind was fantastic, the current no problem and the seas were less than 2 meters.

We pushed our luck and tried to loop back toward Isla (north) for more fishing, but all it got us was a few cross words between captain and 1st mate, some broken beer bottles (loose, in the cockpit), and upset pups.

Made it fine into Morelos around 14:00 and took a mooring ball. I've learned my lesson, and will activate the anchor alarm!!!!

The water is clear, the reef is right off our front porch, and the weather is beautiful! We just need a few good fish!!!!

Made it to Mexico

17 February 2010 | Isla Mujeres
Patty/Breezy and cool
We left the security, warmth and comfort of Lagoon Marina, La Ceiba Honduras, on Saturday (13 February 2010). The mouth of La Ceiba harbor was a toughie - breaking waves and strong current through a relatively small channel. But our fearless captain and crew had faith, and we finally were clear of the jetties.

Our goal was Isla Mujeres. The wind and waves caused us to tack 4 times just to clear Utila. We could have stopped, but would have been stuck in East Harbour for days. Onward!

Once we got past the Bay Islands, we could head off the wind a bit, and put up all of our sails. We caught the current and ended up having to slow the boat down (autopilot couldn't keep up). We had some gorgeous sailing, and approaching Cozumel, Gary caught 2 Albacore. We explored the possibility of berthing in Cozumel, but there was no room, and the anchorage unprotected against the approaching cold front, so on we went.

The weather didn't turn bad until we were in the narrow approach between the mainland and lower reefs. During this time, we saw winds in excess of 40 knots and shortened seas of 6-8'. The water broke over our bow, drenching the cockpit (we have very high freeboard) and we both had to man the wheel. Navigation was by radar and GPS, and we finally made it into Isla Mujeres and dropped anchor at 9:30pm. We now understand why so many single handers like the chart plotters!

Lorelei is berthed at Marina Paraiso for the next month. More updates and pictures as they come.
Vessel Name: Lorelei
Vessel Make/Model: 1979 Endeavour 43' Ketch
Hailing Port: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Crew: Gary B. Waid and Patricia S. Harmon-Waid
About: Gary B. Waid - Captain Patricia S. Harmon-Waid - 1st Mate
Extra: Pearl the beautiful princess and Bodee the wonderdog as our crew
Lorelei's Photos - Guatemala
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Burned out, abandoned Manatee Refuge and Research center, Jute Creek
Remnants of an Eco Center
San Juan Forest
Can you read it?
Signs all over the pathway
Twiny viny
This is the jungle!
More markers
More signs
Pearl examining the sign
Roca Caliza Limestone
Marty enjoying herself at the benefit dinner
Food (pig roast)
Jan and Iain from "Jockslodge" enjoying the dinner
Gary setting up for the band
Rune  (don
Becca, organizer of the benefit dinner (raised over 6,000 Quetzales)
More dining and libations
Pearl and Bodee swimming
Pearl is AFRAID of water!!!!
Stream wayyy up on the nature trail, Denny
Pearl and Bodee swimming toward mommy
Exterior shot of big house
Bridge over the culvert
Bodee LOVES being in the water!
Hills where the Rio Aguas Caliente flows from
Hot falls!
Scenery from the anchorage
Towing the dinghy
Rune and Gary
Rune, Bodee and the colt along the farm road to the falls
Road to the falls (cuts through a working farm)
Gary, Rune and Pearl
On the road
Lovely pinto
Hillside from the road
Mayan women washing clothes in the river, just below the falls
Mayan hut along the farm road
Gary being accosted by young Mayans girls selling sweet bread just outside the falls
Inside one of the "bat" caves at the falls
Bat cave (I didn
Bat cave
Hot spring (volcanic) falls
Another hillside view
Gary and Pearl at the falls
Gary being attacked by the little girls (they fought over who
Caballero on the farm
More hills, seen from the anchorage
Our family along the farm road
Volleyball court, Denny
Clouds over the Sierra de Santo Cruz mountains
Toys on Denny
I think this is a "Jesus Christ" Lizard????
"The Boardroom", Denny
Pathway to bungalows, Denny
Neat benches (mosaic) at one of Denny
Looking back at Denny
Ensenada Los Lagartos (river at the western end of Lago Izabal)
Close up of water hyacinth, Los Largartos
Hotel and Lorelei at anchor, El Estor
Hillside behind Denny
Gary, Dennis and Rune playing pick up sticks at Denny
Pups on the nature trail behind Denny
Coral creeper, El Estor
up the river, Ensenada Los Lagartos
Anchored/moored off Denny
View of the anchorage, Denny
Greenery on the nature trail
Lorelei at anchor, Western end of Lago Izabal
Gary playing the recorder
Ileana (?) at the barbeque
John strumming away on his mandolin
Castillo de San Felipe, Guatemala
Thatch roof
More of the Castillo
Castillo de San Felipe
Mayan housing on El Golfete
Clouds over El Golfete
More of El Golfete
Boat going the other way on Golfete
the bridge, Rio Dulce
Looking towards Fronteras through the cut
Gary, Angelina and Maria (mayans) at Bruno
Water Buffalo
Palm plantation
Nice looking rooster, Castillo walk
Chickens and chicks
Rooftop garden, El Relleno
Pony along the castle walk
Mayan housing (thatched roof)
From Livingston up to the Gorge
Lorelei in the Gorge
Greenery along the Gorge
More gorge
More rich riverfront housing in the gorge
In the Gorge
View from outside of Livingston
More clouds and sunrise
Livingston Harbor
Inside Golfete


Who: Gary B. Waid and Patricia S. Harmon-Waid
Port: Cape Canaveral, Florida