SV Lover Of The Light

Circumnavigating on World ARC 2023

Day 21 Report - good day on LOTL

We were in need of a good day! It is late afternoon/ early evening as we heading into our 21st day at sea. This morning the crew
rallied and took the torn main sail down and put up our spare main sail. After motoring due to light winds, the breeze...

Day 20 report - perseverance in adversity

Things were looking good in the middle of the day today, the skipper went up the mast again (for the last time I plan to on this
trip) to rig a halyard for the spinnaker, after deciding to use the previously rigged spinnaker halyard to repair the genoa...

March 19/ Day 19 report - less than 500 miles to go

We've now been at sea for over two and half weeks and the crew is holding up very well and working together to keep the good ship
Lover Of The Light sailing on. We are just passing the 500 mile to go mark as I write this on the midnight watch.

Day 18 report - the downhill run

I'm writing this on the night watch of day 18 of our Pacific crossing to the Marquesas. It is a starry starry night and I'm on the
solo watch until midnight. We will have a crescent moon sliver tonight, and it will not come up until very late in the...

Day 17 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the Pacific

Well the weather, winds and sailing have been very nice today. However, very sadly, we got a Mayday call from one of the World ARC
fleets and they have a very serious medical situation with one of the sailors on board. Since we have extra fuel on...

Day 16 Update - sailing westward on the Pacific Ocean

On solo watch early this morning, I watched a great faint pink sky at first light, followed by a beautiful sunrise directly behind
Lover Of The Light as we sail on westward in the Pacific Ocean. Except for the emergency response a few nights ago when...