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Vessel Name: Avalon
Vessel Make/Model: 1971 Coronado 27 topmast sloop
Hailing Port: Gulport, Fl
Crew: Gary Bush, Donna Vollmer
Both of us Caucasian adults closer to 60 than 50, learning how to live a happily downsized lifestyle that makes more sense than most we've seen. Both of us are very new to sailing. I've sailed 10 to 12 foot dinghies in small lakes. [...]
The Avalon is a gimme boat from a friend. She has been badly neglected but is still basically sound. A quick series of owners made various messes. Her sails and running rigging need repair and replacement, her hull needs to be cleaned and painted, the superstructure repainted with minor repairs, [...]
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Avalon's Photos -

First Steps

Who: Gary Bush, Donna Vollmer
Port: Gulport, Fl