The Voyages of s/v Lucky Bird

21 August 2019 | Straits Marina, Mackinaw City
06 August 2019 | Village of Brockport
30 July 2019
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21 June 2019 | Wickford Cove Marina
20 May 2019 | Antlantic Yacht Basin
13 May 2019 | Homer Smith Marina, final Salty Dawg Destination
21 April 2019 | Frenchtown, St. Thomas V.I. Easter Celebration
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28 March 2019 | Green Cay Marina, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
25 March 2019
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Is Your Life W/O Change? Ours Ins't

08 April 2010 | Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
Bob, Raning for two days, can you believe it?
Ok, so we were off to Bonaire, then Caricao and Aruba from Grenada but guess what, CHANGE OCCURRED!! We thought long and hard about storing the boat in Curicao and returning in Jan. The thought of being in the ABC islands in January wasn't very appealing to us as we thought about where we would be sailing next. Columbia, Panama, Mexico, hey folks we're just at little queezie over all the stories we've heard about theft and robberies over-by-dair, so we said, why go there if we are unsure about our safety. I mean we skipped St. Vincent island for the very same reason, so....... we decided to turn north instead.

Life is a collection of compromises isn't it? at least being married and living on a 42 foot sail boat is nothing but compromises, do you catch my drift??

So we've sailed north and are now in St. Lucia and tomorrow we'll sail to Martinique or beyond. We wnat to be in Antigua for race week and then will probably have Lucky Bird hauled and stored for the summer months. The winds are north-easterly, right on our nose so we are hanging in there waiting for a little more easterly set.

It's been raining and overcast for two days. Honestly I didn't think we'd experience a completely overcast day down here and yet, we've seen two with the possibility of several more and guess what, the islands are turning green right before our eyes. Yes it is amazing, the grass is responding, the trees have come alive and the hills and mountains are GREEN!! I've talked in so many of my writings about just how dry it's been down here and now...abracadabra, GREEN!!

The picturs I'll upload are from our touring on Grenada and our sail to Bequia. I'll need a little better wifi connection than I have right now but it's free so who can complain.
Vessel Name: Lucky Bird
Vessel Make/Model: 1990 Moody 425 cc
Hailing Port: Kenosha, WI
Crew: Robert & Alice Smith
Alice and I have spent considerable time together on the water; cruising and racing on the waters of New England, the Caribbean and Lake Michigan.

Sailing is our passion and together we've been fortunate to experience the thrills, the camaraderie and the enjoyment boating provides. [...]

We seek the freedom, excitement and challenges of voyaging.

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This is our second journey south to the Caribbean. This time we've chosen to exit Lake Michigan and proceed south through the in-land waterway system to Mobile. We'll start around Labor Day and take our time exploring the history of middle America.
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Bob and Alice return to Lucky Bird after spending the summer in Addison.
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Heading into the Windward Islands and further south
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