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Bald Eagles, Vultures and Guided Missiles

05 October 2017 | Pickwick Landing
Yup, yet another beautiful day on Lucky Bird
Before explaining the title of this post here's an update on our little red generator that couldn't. It's fixed and well again, hurray. We once again lucked out, I called the closest Honda service, 20 miles away. They told me one of their employees lived in Grand Rivers, very close to Green Turtle Bay Resort where we were staying. He could stop by after work and pick it up. Sure enough around 2000 he called, we met and off he went. The next day around 1400 I received a call from the Honda people, the generator was fixed, I owed them $82, and it would be returned later in the day. Wow!! talked about service. The little red fellow is back and we are happy sailors.

Now for the title. We anchor almost every evening and are amazed at the number of eagles working these areas. Out of nowhere one will appear, dive and pull a fish from the water. We can hear them talking and often see them majestically perched high in trees along the river. More bald eagles on this trip than Alaska.

The other big birds are everywhere, the vultures. We usually see them in large number circling, gliding on air currents. Recently though, we've been seeing more and more of them on the ground along the banks group eating dead fish that washed up on the bank. They don't pluck their food from the water as eagles, they just circle, wait, land and dine.

Guided Missiles - The Kentucky Lake is a fisherman's or fisherwoman's paradise and the people here know it. One or two people in a Bass boat of maybe 12 to 15 feet in length with 155 to 350 horsepower big black outboard motors. I have a son-in-law who loves fishing, has a bass type boat and knows only of two speeds, stop and full throttle. Well these folks are the same, flying around from one spot to another traveling 40 to 60 mph. Off in the distance we can see a small white plume of spray. In only moments they are here, heads bent forward into the wind, and the high pitched sound of that big black engine probably turning close to 6,000 rpms. I tried to do a video but they went by so fast I lost them panning the camera. Alice and I got quite a chuckle watching them fly by, stop, fish for a moment, and then scream off.

So, here we are just about to enter the Tombigbee Waterway at Pickwick Landing in Tennessee. We want to rent a car and visit Shilo, do so provisioning and the like.

The banks of the Tennnessee

Hope everyone back home is enjoying this unbelievable fall.

Cheers from LB.
Vessel Name: Lucky Bird
Vessel Make/Model: 1990 Moody 425 cc
Hailing Port: Kenosha, WI
Crew: Robert & Alice Smith
Alice and I have spent considerable time together on the water; cruising and racing on the waters of New England, the Caribbean and Lake Michigan.

Sailing is our passion and together we've been fortunate to experience the thrills, the camaraderie and the enjoyment boating provides. [...]

We seek the freedom, excitement and challenges of voyaging.

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This is our second journey south to the Caribbean. This time we've chosen to exit Lake Michigan and proceed south through the in-land waterway system to Mobile. We'll start around Labor Day and take our time exploring the history of middle America.
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