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27 February 2021 | Casa Azul, BCS
22 February 2021 | Cabo San Lucas, BCS
12 February 2021
31 January 2021 | Rancho Sirah, BCS
18 January 2021 | Casa Azul, BCS
16 January 2021 | Camarillo, CA
10 January 2021 | Rancho Sarah, BCS
04 January 2021 | Oxnard, CA
27 December 2020 | Camarillo, CA
11 November 2020 | Casa Azul, BCS
10 November 2020 | Rancho Sirah, BCS
09 November 2020 | Casa Azul, BCS
08 November 2020 | Casa Azul, BCS
07 November 2020 | Rancho Sirah, BCS
07 November 2020 | Rancho Sirah, BCS
07 November 2020 | Casa Azul, BCS
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05 November 2020 | Casa Azul, BCS
04 November 2020 | Casa Azul, BCS
31 October 2020 | Flora Farms, San Jose Del Cabo, BCS

Look up child!

27 February 2021 | Casa Azul, BCS
It's been at least two months since I climbed Flat Top, a great hike a mile from Casa Azul. It's an easy hike if you're fit, which I'm not right now, so my eyes were to the ground and my mind was on my breathing (huffing and puffing, that is!).
I was listening to a fun joyce meyer podcast on just how strong each of us really is, when I sat down to catch my breath...
and there, surrounding me, was the beauty of spring beginning to unfurl in the wildflowers that adorn our desert!
Laura Daigle's song "Look up child" tripped into my head, reminding me what I was missing when I kept my eyes downward looking....
including God's amazing grace when the eyes of my soul are off Him.
I summited a whole lot more energized!!
I don’t really know why I’m sharing this other than may this encourage any of you whose eyes, like mine, can be drawn downwards at times.

I take you.

22 February 2021 | Cabo San Lucas, BCS
This weekend past our buddy Bill's daughter, Blythe, married Matt in a wonderful celebration spread over a week at the beautiful Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort in Cabo, BCS.
The event was sweeter because of the challenges met and efforts made by those present with this couple, mostly because of travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic. But I loved that Matt and Blythe were determined to be married, whether the event was witnessed by 2 or 62, which is, in the end, the number of guests who attended.
Blythe did an amazing job planning the build up to and the wedding day...
the highlights, for me, were the rehearsal dinner set on the beach at sunset and the speeches that followed, which had us laughing one moment and close to tears the next..
I also loved the laid back day spent on the beach on Friday, filled with warm sunshine, chilled ocean water, card games, chatter and laughter, and total relaxation which Nev and I really needed...
But, of course, nothing could top the wedding itself!!
I was honored to be the officiant for the ceremony and the biggest delight was to witness, up close and personal, the love beaming from these two for each other as they exchanged their own vows and then repeated after me the traditional old fashioned vows too.
We talked about the significance of a marriage contract versus a marriage covenant, and the meaning of the words: "I TAKE YOU"
I learned so much as I prepared for this moment and giggled as GOD used me, the most unqualified person for this role, to share what I have learned, and what Nev and I have created, in love, over the past 10 years.
The wedding celebration was great fun, but I know in my heart that the good stuff is yet to come for them, and the awesome part is the love of their family and friends that will be there to guide and encourage them!
Congrats Mr and Mrs Matt Bankenbush!!
So happy for you
and for you, my buddy Bill!

The wonder of miracles!

12 February 2021
Our three day journey down to Casa Azul with mum in DAZIBLU was a wonder and a true miracle!
Heather came and spent the night with us in Oxnard when we saw mum for the first time since she fell and before we began our epic adventure, Gayle riding along with me to attend to any of mums needs, and Les riding along with Nev pulling our once again fully loaded trailer, to help him if anything untoward happened along the way.
The kindness of the border guards, as well as the police at the stops down the Baja, as soon as the saw mum in the back, was heartwarming! I admit I felt guilty for the wine we had stashed beneath her!!
DAZI's gears were a challenge, especially getting into and out of second gear... there were times I felt as tho the gear lever was actually going to come out of the gear box into my hand, but I never said a word... not to Gayle, anyway, as we drove and chatted away!
It felt tremendously good to pull up at the farm house safely...
To unload mum...
To spend two nights there settling in before Letty, her sweet caregiver, moved in to give us a break...
Juan has since shown me the socket that the gear stick was in connecting to the gear box, shaking his head at how dangerous our trip had been, and I knew without a doubt, GOD was watching over us once again...
and that this was a move that was meant to happen!!
And then DAZI had a whole new purpose: our stove had not yet been delivered as promised,
so she became our kitchen!
GOD is good...
HE knows what we need way before we do, and provides...
and I am forever grateful to HIM,
and to Les and Gayle and my honey for their generosity of time and kindness


31 January 2021 | Rancho Sirah, BCS
Nev has returned to Oxnard and I have returned to Casa Azul as the farm house at Rancho Sirah enters its final weeks to completion and attention to the more decorative details is needed by me.
Mum remains pleasantly confused mentally but healing well physically in the skilled rehab facility in Oxnard;
we have decided to move her down here with us so that we can take care of her as it is too difficult (emotionally for us all) with the restrictions of Covid and not being able to see behind the doors of the rehab facility.
So the pressure is on to complete the farm house and prepare for her arrival on so many different levels.
It's been a packed week:
Nev received his first Covid vaccine (thank you Bill)
And he has flown to Salt Lake City to pick up DAZIBLU so we can transport mum down here comfortably in her
Much has been accomplished at the farm this past week with skirting boards installed, steps built, plastering completed, planter beds formed, cupboards and shelving installed, a septic tank prepped, and some artwork created by me!
This week the house will be cleaned
The furniture moved
The front door installed
All the remaining windows and doors insulated
Power turned on
The fridge, dishwasher and washing machine hooked up
Boxes unpacked
Potential caregiver met and oriented
And on and on!!
In the midst of it all is a funny!!
A couple of the lights at the house have been flickering lately...
After some investigation by our oh! so sweet Juan and Jose, it was discovered that the transformer for our electricity had been invaded not by one but three creatures:
A rattlesnake
An iguana whose belly was fiull of freshly devoured worms
And a mouse!!
Only in Mexico...
Our electrical box now proudly boasts sealant and chicken wire to prevent further mishaps of this nature 😂😂😂
I love this place!!
Mum will be safe 😂


18 January 2021 | Casa Azul, BCS
As I prepare to leave back to the States to be nearer to my mum, Nev and I took advantage of the break in the wind that blows frantically down here day after day at this time of the year much to the kiters delight, and went for a wonderful long walk along the beach, heading back to the house around sun set...
this is gorgeousnesses...
I can't think of any other word to capture the sights and sounds and serenity we experienced!
I think theses pics do it some justice...
such a sweet time together my love ❤️

That dreaded call!

16 January 2021 | Camarillo, CA
Being away from mum as she ages is never easy; her new place brings comfort to me knowing she is safe and fed and checked in on regularly.
But today I received that dreaded call:
she has fallen!
The ER doctor confirmed a compound fracture of her right femur and a complicated fracture of her pelvis...
surgery is scheduled for the morning and she is being well managed for her pain until then.
The most difficult part of this for Heather and I is not being able to be at her bedside...
that she must go through this only with the sweet and kind doctors and nurses caring for her.
I've heard stories about this on the TV but now it's real to me...
and it's awful!!
thank you to all you prayer warriors covering us in your words when our words are all choked up inside our tears!
I am on my way home today to change guard with my sister who has been there since Saturday...
Mum pulled through surgery like a star...
New hip and a pin in her femur!
PT have already got her up and moving
She's on the road to recovery
Her voice is getting stronger every day
And her pain a little less
I can't wait to bring her back for long walks on our beach which she loves
She is a true warrior..
Thank you LORD!!
Vessel Name: Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Nordhavn 46
Hailing Port: Channel Islands
Crew: Neville & Maggie
Nev has dreamed about cruising around the world for years. He bought Blue from John McVie (Fleetwood Mac) 5 years ago and that brought his dream a little closer to reality. [...]
Neville Hansen: born in Durban, South Africa, moved to USA 1972, 2 sons , Trevor and daughter-in-law Star, and Dillon. Maggie Hansen: born in South Africa, raised in Swaziland. Moved to the USA in 1992, 2 sons: Stephen and Christopher.
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The Lucky Fish

Who: Neville & Maggie
Port: Channel Islands
Set to depart Channel Islands November 8th, 2009 We plan to head down Baja taking our time fishing and exploring ,we hope to spend a few months in the Sea of Cortez before heading down to Panama . From there to the Galapagos Islands and our Pacific Ocean crossing in February of 2011 to the Marquesas and from there who knows with our final destination Cape Town South Africa