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23 November 2021 | Nesons Dockyard
22 November 2021 | Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua
20 November 2021
15 November 2021 | Still at sea
12 November 2021 | Two days out of Bermuda
10 November 2021 | 15Miles SE of Bermuda
09 November 2021 | Anchored in St. Georges, Bermuda
08 November 2021 | Anchored in St. Georges, Bermuda
06 November 2021 | Anchored in St. Georges, Bermuda
03 November 2021 | 200 miles west of Bermuda
01 November 2021 | Just East of Gulf Stream
27 October 2021 | Blue Water Yachting, Hampton
25 October 2021 | Old Point Comfort, Fort Monroe
02 July 2019 | Stingray Point
27 June 2019 | Fishing Bay
23 June 2019 | Alligator River, North Carolina
19 June 2019 | Beaufort
24 May 2019 | Cooper River Marina
15 May 2019 | Cumberland River
05 May 2019 | Vero Beach

Down to work

23 November 2021 | Nesons Dockyard
Ian Sales
Well onto the massive jobs list. Yesterday we drained the diesel in the gap between the tanks. Today there did not appear to be any further leak, so a mystery as to where it came from. I suppose we should be grateful it does not still leak.
I fixed the saloon table supports which had broken off after we had been thrown against it on passage. We need to install a new tricolour/anchor light fitting as the original has been blown away. Plus as the nav lights failed a new light that shows both red and green and sits in the middle. The VHF seems to work on the emergency aerial so the connection at mast top must be faulty. I have the feeling that I shall have to spend some considerable time up there! The depth sounder is still U/S and the wind instruments are not right, only recording 10% of the actual speed. At least they show the wind angle. We have now decanted 5 out of 8 cans of fuel into the main tank with the balance to be done tomorrow. I also took off and the remixed the forecabin headlining trying to identify the leak that soaks the forecabonwhen we are bashing into heavy seas. I shall reseal the anchor locker forecabin bulkhead.
We hope to get our genoa back tomorrow after a small repair to the foot after our exploits in the Gulf Stream.
The radio experts here can't look at us for 2 weeks but then I hope they can sort most of our issues including the SSB. Luckily there is nowhere to go so we will still be here.
On the social scene we have met up with friends from UK whose boat is here and tomorrow meet up with a couple off the Blue Water Rally. Add to that our new US contacts and the fact that it is difficult or just expensive to move between islands so we may have a social group to be on for some time.


22 November 2021 | Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua
Ian Sales
My last post did not show for some reason so this is a repeat.
We arrived in Antigua on Friday morning after a slow night to ensure we srrived in daylight. Told to anchor outside English harbour and dinghy in to complete formalities. Once this was done we came into the dockyard and reversed onto the quay Med style. Fri night we went up to Shirley Heights and got wasted then again on Sat night. So leak detection on Sunday and today we concentrate on the issues that developed on the passage.
Its hot here but with a cooling breeze and we have internet at last.

20 November 2021
Ian Sales

On our ear

15 November 2021 | Still at sea
Ian Sales
Well, we have been on this tack for several days now, waiting for the wind to back to the NE so we can make our course. The weather files predict this will happen tomorrow and we are already nearly making due South so we are hopeful. However this entails being on a close reach/beat
with the boat heeling over, making everything difficult. Once the wind backs we can sail more off the wind on, hopefully, a beam reach and we should be a little more upright. We see about a ship per day, and today's tanker crossed us from starboard less than a mile away, which seems
awfully close out here. We were tracking him from 20miles out and the AIS was giving us a closest point of approach of various figures but all close, the closest being 50metres! Yikes! When he was 5 miles out I called him on the radio and all was well. Did I mention the VHF radio? We had
a call the other night from a yacht about 5 miles away and hecould not hear me on the main radio. I had to use the hand held radio which worked fine. Another thing to get checked out. The main Shock/horror event came when I went to dip the fuel tank yesterday morning. We had the
tank replaced in Turkey about 6 years ago. The original fuel tank was moulded into the hull and was leaking, so the boatyard cut the top off the moulding and made two new tanks that fitted inside it, joined by a large bore pipe at the bottom. The tanks were made of plastic and welded
together then joined as above. This was because they couldnt get a tank in one piece through the companionway. Anyway all was fine when I checked the fuel in Bermuda, but yesterday there was fuel slopping around the pipe joining the tanks. I dipped in the morning and in the evening
and the levels were similar albeit slightly lower. Was it leaking or had the rough passage out of Bermuda shook some fuel out of a breather or filler pipe that needed resealing. We checked again this morning and the level had not changed so fingers crossed we are not going to lose the lot
and have no engine. Other than that and all the other issues mentioned before we press on. Our ETA is now Thurs/Fri although I dont fancy a night entry with no depth sounder....we shall see.

Good progress

12 November 2021 | Two days out of Bermuda
Ian Sales
We are just managing to hold a course marginally east of south and are about one degree of longitude away from that of our destination. I think we will avoid the worst of the strong winds but will get some on the nose before we pick up the trades and can sail for Antigua. So if you can
follow our track there may be some zig zagging. We currently have two reefs in both sails as the wind is up and down between 14 and 22 and veering and backing between a beam and close reach. We have made good progress over the last 48 hours logging 280miles on the over the
ground trip, unfortunately not always in a straight line. Too early to accurately predict an arrival as anything might happen, (and usually does, to quote the late Murray Walker). Its been a mainly sunny day with no squalls yet, and noticably warmer but only a lone sight of a dolphin and a
commercial ship at the rate of one a day, and usually at least 5 miles away. Engine seems to be behaving, we used it at low revs on day 1 to help steady the boat through quite a large swell, but today ran it for 3 hours at even lower revs to charge the batteries. Whilst in Bermuda the wind
gens more than covered our electric needs as the wind hardly dropped below 20knots for the last four days. We didnt manage to top up with fuel or water in Bermuda as it was a choice between fuellling and leaving Thursday midday or not fuelling and leaving Wednesday evening.
Dipped the tank while anchored and it looks like we only used about 70 litres getting there and we carry over 450. As for water we are still on the first 250 litres so barring accidents we should be OK even without the watermaker. We have a moon for half the night now, and that will get
more over the next few days, much nicer sailing at night when you can actually see something.

Away at last

10 November 2021 | 15Miles SE of Bermuda
Ian Sales
very rolly sea out here so briefly, we sorted the raw water pump by having an engineer replace the seals in the old one. Looking at the weather we decided to leave asap, so left this wednesday evening at 6pm local time.
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